Monday, November 25, 2019

House Transformation By Painting

This is our house as it sat in June. The front is brick veneer and the rest of the house is siding that has been on it since it was built 45 years ago. Nice enough but As I have mentioned before I am going through my blue phase. So in June we decided to paint the house as it was looking quite tired. 
 The pretty Pansy Redbud got split for the second time during a storm after this photo so was removed.
Before Painting
This above photo makes me think I might mow the labyrinth in place next summer. I have missed it.
I didn't really have the exact angle for the after of the front. I am a little lazy about taking pictures out front. For one thing when I am out there people, neighbors driving by mostly, stop to chat. I had two of them fuss that they couldn't see the front of the house and I should take out the shrubbery and trees. I had to tell them that I have it there to block the traffic as we live on a busy street. Also nosy neighbors are to be excluded. 
A different angle - Before
The front walk Before.
Around in back where we do most of our outside entertaining and being was a little more work to get things ready for paint. As you can see the siding was in great need of paint as a lot of the paint had worn off over the years. 
So with this closer look you can see that the paint did the trick.
It certainly was a transformation and is more lively. We love it. 
 Thinking about home it brings family to mind. I hope you and your family are safe over the holiday.
From our home to yours Happy Thanksgiving.

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