Friday, May 17, 2013

Fabulous Foliage Follow Up - May 2013

I was sitting on the patio with my Sister the other day. When she said to me, " you have so much to look at out here". I have never thought of it that way. It is interesting to look at one's garden through the eyes of others. 
After hearing her remark I thought that maybe I have something to contribute to Pam's Foliage Follow Up. This is the view from the chairs where my Sister and I were sitting. I am so glad you are able to sit here with me. I hope you enjoy the view. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 2013

This May seems to be the most cool wet May in recent memory. The flowers all seem to be enjoying it. Especially the clematis and iris.
Ramona looks enchanting as she blooms. 
Miss Bateman is cozy with the arch she is climbing this spring. 
Fireworks is putting on a show up the arch. 
This blue one is gorgeous but I don't know it's name. We don't mind because he is so handsome. 
This white iris is a pass along. It waited until the perfect spring to boast of it's beauty.
This white one with the blue falls doesn't have a proper name but it doesn't matter as it is so gorgeous. The smalll pale yellow iris in the background wish they were so large. 
This great yellow beauty is not happy with the wind whipping it around but no matter. The bright yellow is appreciated. 
Of course that isn't the only thing blooming. Just wander down a path and you will see much more abloom. 
Roses overhead are just coming out. 
A few alliums are gracing the garden as the columbine pop up here and there.
Golden Alexander glows from here an there. Weigelia shrubs, 
Spirea shine as well as 
a big ole snowball bush.
What is blooming in your garden?  Be sure and go over to Carol's May Dreams Garden and share your blooms with the rest of us bloomaholics. 

Other Blooms: Pink Phlox; Boltonia; High bush Cranberry; Lonicera sempervirens; Sweet Kate spiderwort; appendaged waterleaf; Cranesbill; Soloman's seal; Ninebark 'summer wine'.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring Wonders

The garden always amazes me when one day you look out and nothing is blooming then the next day you open the drapes, look out into the garden and the garden has come alive.
Blooms abound.
I went through this short path and found
that the tree peony was blooming. How does it know it is going to rain all weekend? It seems it starts blooming just before big storms during spring. The blooms, as beautiful as they are, don't last when the rain soaks them. One needs to be in the garden several times daily to appreciate all.
I wonder how this happened? How did these Irises get under the edge of the Birds Nest Spruce?? When did this happen?  Definitely one of the mysteries of the garden.
I wonder why I don't have more blue bells planted around back where I tend to spend more time?  I will have to remedy this soon.
I also wonder when Jack first appeared. He so quietly appears and then in no time slips away for the season. 
I hope you are able to get out in the garden daily now. Enjoy those spring wonders. 

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