Thursday, November 15, 2018

Oak Galls

Cheryl, a friend of mine, posted a picture of an Oak gall. I am always fascinated by these growths. I always wonder what has set up a nursery on these leaves. To see the gall she posted you can go here
Her oak leaf gall is a single rather large gall. As you can see in my photo these galls are smaller and in a cluster.
I had never seen a cluster of galls like this. Usually they are singles as in Cheryl's photo.
I am not even sure what kind of Oak tree this came from let alone the type of galls. Have you ever seen such a thing? If you know anything about it I would love to read it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


It seems like this fall is full of surprises. Yesterday as we were finished walking Annie and were driving out of the park  we stopped to watch a Mockingbird defend a holly tree from a huge flock of migrating Robins. This lone Mockingbird was dive bombing robin after robin that dared to get near the Holly full of red berries. 
 I noticed a tiny bird in an adjacent tree.  Without binoculars or camera we watched  in amazement a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher appeared searching searching for food. It hopped around splaying its tail and wings hoping to stir up something to eat. 
We took our camera to the park with us today hoping that the bird would still be there. Sure enough we refound the little fellow.  It is so overcast it was difficult to get a photo but we couldn't resist trying. The little bird looked as gray as the skies.
In the following photo you can see a glimpse of how blue it can look in certain light.  
In our area these little birds have usually gone South by mid September. 
If you would like to see a good picture of this little bird or read / hear more about it you can go to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds here for more information.
We are hoping this little bird finds enough fuel to get out of town fast. There is snow and general yuck predicted for tonight and tomorrow.