Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sweet Relief

It wasn't pretty but boy was it ever sweet relief. This shot was just before I emptied the gauge the first time. 
I couldn't get a thing accomplished around the house from watching out the windows. It had been so long since we received any measurable rain. I watched out the front window as the water crept up the drive.
Then I would dash to the kitchen to look out toward the Circle Garden. You can see around the edges that the water was gathering. The center of the Circle has been built up over the years with mulch and compost. These newly installed plants are loving this rain.
Now we can look out the patio door windows. The patio was full of water. All of the flower beds around the patio have been raised over the years too. With so much rain I doubt it would make much difference.
I decided to take a little break in my office. I looked out and there was a small creek between our house and the neighbors. 
During a lull in the action I went out to check for any downed limbs etc. We kept hearing limbs hit the top of the house.
I didn't get far away from the house due to full paths. 
This morning I emptied another 1.25" from the gauge. I had quite a bit of debris to pick up. One of the limbs came down on our Lemon Tree and dislodged 3 of the 4 lemons that were on it. I hope the remaining lemon grows in girth since there aren't any others remaining on the tree. The odd thing was I could only find 2 of the loosed lemons. I wonder if an animal came and got one. Hmmmm
This is the first time I got to use my shiny new wheelbarrow. It is much larger (6cu ft cap)  than my previous wheelbarrow. Yet it is as easy or easier to use due to having 2 wheels for stability and a poly tray to keep it light weight. I got the entire mess from yesterday to the truck with one trip.  
All of this rain was pushed into our area by the tropical storm Gordon. I hope that all of my gardening friends are finally well watered yet not over watered. If you need rain it looks like a hurricane is going to hit the East Coast this week. I think we are caught up with rain now but I wouldn't mind to get a bit more after a few days. All the plants are seemly beaming. I hope your garden is happy too.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Untying the Knot Garden

The Knot Garden is no more. It all began last year when the Euonymus was deemed an invasive plant and had to come  out. 
While I cogitated about what to do here this winter the severity of the winter removed some of the boxwoods. This gave me even more to think about.
This area is looking quite bare especially after I pulled out the dead and dying boxwoods. I realized I didn't really like seeing the shed as I entered the back garden through the side gate. Thinking about this I decided I needed a whole new look with  a small tree here.  Oh, and all of these lycoris squamigera have to be rehomed.
I found a sweet little Dogwood 'Celestial  Shadow' and planted it in the center of the Circle Garden. I found the dogwood just as the full moon was about to happen this month. I hope this is a good omen for this tree and it will grow well here. Now all of those boxwoods need new homes and the huge Daturas have to go.
Voile, the Circle Garden. Around this circle there are six paths that converge here.
I moved a few big rocks into the circle. Each path has a different view of the circle. This dwarf Thuja, below right and I have lost the information about which one it is, has been half hidden under an Oakleaf Hydrangea that spread. I hope it likes it's new home. 
I made it so there is some nice shrublet or rock or both to see from each path as you approach the Circle Garden. 
The  Serbian Spruce is one of my favorites.
I left a couple of the boxwoods in place. The largest rock I had to have my DB help me move as it is so heavy I can't budge it by myself. 
The other rocks aren't so big but they hold their own.
A lot of empty space here. While I like the less is more idea in theory empty space makes me nervous. 
I am pleased by the way this is looking.  When  you enter from the side gate you can no longer look straight through to the shed so I am pleased with that and as the 'Celestial Shadow' Dogwood fills out it will block even more of the shed.
My most often seen view of this area is from the kitchen door. 
I have to say I like it yet, those empty spaces keep nagging me.  I doubt these empty spaces will be here for long. If I find some more dwarf conifers I would be tempted to plant them here, or some sort of ground cover. We will see what shows up.
Do you like those open spaces in your garden? Or like me are you compelled to plant up those empty places?