Thursday, June 13, 2019

Jaunty June

There is a lot going on in the garden this month. A lot of color popping up here and there. It makes it fun to get out and stroll around. The tall lilies have been fantastic this year. It must have been all the rain we received in May because June, so far, has been dry.
 If you click on the lily photo above you can see that it looks like the garden fairies have been painting those deep purplish/black colors in the center of this lily. When you look out the kitchen door the red of this lily really brings out the red tips on the Carmel Heucheras.
The lilies below get plenty of sun and stand tall despite all their blooms. The strong winds we have been playing havoc with some blooms.
 This lily got so top heavy that the wind broke off one of the big clumps. The poor thing contends with too much shade then the wind does the rest.
 The wind is not as severe as the rabbits though. I have sprayed rabbit repellent on these not so tall tall lilies and you see the result. I don't think those repellents work. I sprayed after they started nibbling on the buds. Maybe the buds are sweet enough that the rabbits can ignore the spray. Sigh...
 Where the lilies leave off some of the clematis stars. We go from the shy delicate  Clematis Blue Angel Clematis viticella ‘Blekitny Aniol' to
Jackmanii and  Texensis Etoile Rose having a dalliance.
We have been mulching flower beds the past week or so. It is slow laborious process of weeding and then mulching but so worth the effort. I don't have to weed much afterward and it lasts until next year. After all the trips to and from mulch gathering Annie is worn out with it all and has decided it is nap time. The ole girl likes taking advantage of the sun on fresh spring days.
How are things going in your garden this June?

Friday, May 31, 2019

Farewell to Our Moist May

The news is all about how wet our May has been. The most wettest in 10 years. The official measurement for here was 7.25" but in my home gauge I had 6.5" of rain. No matter how you look at it it was wonderful. I don't remember such a rich feeling in May before. Oh yes, May is almost always a fine month but this year it was juiced up.
As the sun goes down this evening it has an eerie glow. They say it is because of a big fire up in Canada. The smoke has spread a thin grey veil over our area. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. 
At the CISMA native plant sale I found that they had an Eastern Agave. This little beauty is  a native and supposed to be hardy in our area. Of course they are supposed to have full sun and good drainage. Hmmmm  As you might remember if you read my blog often I have expressed the lack of full sun. I plan to find out if there is enough sun here for them. I wonder if they will lose their speckles of Madder Brown if they don't get enough sun.
 I bought 3 of them and planted in 3 different places.   The one below looks the best so far. It gets morning sun and is in a sandy soil.
This one gets mid morning sun and the soil is loamy.
This one gets afternoon sun. A long time but the soil is a bit heavy. I will be anxious to see which does the best in the long run. They seem a bit delicate just to look at and handle.  
I wanted to show my Multi Blue Clematis one more time. It is giving a second flush of flowers at the top of the plant. Which has grown to the top of the trellis. I don't know how far it will stretch out but I hope it will go over the top of the arch.
Last but not least the Jack-in-the Pulpits all grew so tall this year. Several have these seed heads forming. I always like to see this. May they reproduce with great vigor.
I hope your May was as pleasant and your garden has responded so well.