Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

What fun

When a group

Of adults ???

get together

to carve


Thank you Melissa and Mark for a fun time.
Happy Halloween Everyone.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Color

We finally have some color in the trees around here.  I was beginning to think we would go from green to brown to nothing.  On our way to the park for a walk we saw a beautiful sight.  The trees along the river are coloring up nicely.  As you see the trees in the fore front are still green. The trees on the Il side of the river are colored. Hmmmm.

I know I have shown you this area before when the flood waters were receding.  It is a low lying area right by the river. This is why the farmers haven't been able to get their soy beans out of the field just yet.  We have had so much rain. It sure makes for a pretty picture.

At home I found a nice little surprise.  The spirea bush has several little blooms on it. The poor thing must be confused with first frost then some warm spring-like weather.

The color of the spirea leaves is just beautiful. The small leaves seem so delicate compared to the large tree leaves.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and you are able to get out and do a little leaf peeping. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sky Watch Friday - Ex marks the spot

Early one morning this week we were out walking enjoying the beautiful blue skies.  It was chilly despite the sunshine. The clouds looked to be gettingblown apart by the wind.

What really brought my eye to the sky were all the contrails.  Not just that the conditions were just right to show them but all the air traffic that was emphasized by the Xs in the sky.

I mean they seemed to be everywhere.

I had just seen on tv that airlines were charging for every little thing we used to take for granted when flying.  I had just thought that maybe all of these fees would be their undoing.
It doesn't appear to these skies that the added fees are lessening air travel even though added fees seems like a double cross to me.

If I looke here I saw an X.

If I looked over there I saw an X.

I saw a fancy curyly X over here.

No, I don't think all those eXtra fees are having any affect on peoples travel plans. If you are flying some place fun and exciting this weekend  I hope you all have a great weekend and you don't have any double crosses. To view more sky photos go to Sky Watch Friday here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Safari

The poor garden looks so bedraggled but the sun was shining today so I was lured outside to see what survived our first frost last night.  The small white snowball bush is now blushing from all the frost.

The big tall Asters didn't mind the frost too much.

There are a few Toad Lilies still blooming. Most have gone to seed.  I sure wish a lot of those seeds would sprout but I haven't noticed much germination from all those seeds in the past.  Maybe I need to leave them on longer.

I was surprised to see several Lady Beetles skittering across the garden.

There was even a cucumber beetle rousting about.  At least that is what I think this guy is, if I am wrong feel free to correct me. He skipped to the bottom side of this begonia leaf when I tried to get a photograph of him.

The Black and Blue Savlia is still hosting bees and bugs galore.  They withstood the frost.  They are in the back garden so they are somewhat protected by the Casa and trees nearby.

You can see that the Anemones were somewhat damaged by the frost.  No this anemone doesn't have a tail.

It was Luna behind the anemones trying to see what I was looking at.  Sometimes she is confounded by the way I sit and stare at the plants in the garden.  I mean it isn't like I was staring at a cat, mouse, mole or vole that might interest her.

"Aahhh come on Mom, lets go find a nice warm spot in the sun and take a nap.  I can't hardly keep my eyes open" says she.  "Good idea Luna. See you all later", says I.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You know its fall when

when a flock of Robins descend upon the berry bushes and trees. Right now the favored berry is Beauty
It is so much fun watching their antics as these rather large birds bounce around on the limbs picking berries. They have soft little noises they make as they eating. They churrr occasionally. I wonder if that is like us saying 'mmmm good'.  These berries are good enough to fight over too.  An occasional battle ensues when another Robin tries to invade anothers limb.

They sneak up on those wily berries. They act as if theythink the berries might get away before they can snatch them from the limb.  I asked my DB to take a few photos of them.  Thank you Dear.

It is amazing that they take berries one at a time.  While I would expect them to do this with big berries, like holly berries, Hawthorn etc. I thought they could get more than one beauty berry in their bill.  I didn't witness them getting more than one at a time.

They have been here a few days and they will stay until every berry in the garden is gone. That is ok because they are a big part of why I plant so many shrubs and trees that have berries.

 There will be a few berries left over for what ever creature can get out to the tipy tip of limbs.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mish Mash Monday on Sunday

After a couple of days with so much rain. It was wonderful to get out in the garden for a bit of weed pulling. Even weed pulling was a bit much for the garden when it felt like I was walking on a wet sponge. 

I have gathered up all the plants that I want to bring in.  Must be done tonight becasue it is to get into the 30's.  Most of the plants outside in pots will not like being in such cold air.

With the skies being so blue I couldn't hardly stand to stay inside despite the wet ground.  The turkey vultures are enjoying the dry wind too.

While walking in the park we saw in interesting phenomena.  These posts aren't on fire. The sun is just making the moisture in them evaporate right before our eyes.  It was rather ghostly looking.

Everywhere you look. There is a spot of color. It won't be long and the fall show will be in full color.
Back in our garden there are few blooms.  The last of the bees are taking every advantage of them. I think all the rain and cold air has put the bumbles and wasps to sleep for the season.
I hope you all are enjoying the fall colors coming on. 

Friday, October 2, 2009

Skywatch Friday - 10-2-09

The skies this week were so rich with color and clouds.

When I got home and looked at some of the photos. I had to turn this one on its side to get a good look at the ghostly face that was bidding me a cheerful October. I wish to pass along that sentiment. I hope you all have a great October.

For more Sky watching go here where you will see skies from all over the world.

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