Monday, November 30, 2009


This last day of November is such a beautiful if chilly day.  We were out walking Luna on the new sidewalk along the new road a block over from our house

when I noticed up on the hill the last remnants of an orchard that used to cover the hills.  It is sad for me to see there is so little left of this family's life long work.

Right in front of the few trees that are remaining there is a little patch of pumpkins that they sell at their orchard store.  Now days so much of their product comes from orchards in the South. You can see the pumpkins that were left over were plowed under.
Along the sidewalk there is still a Rudibeckia bloom here...
and there.  White clover and some ...          

red clover still has a few blooms.
I haven't had time lately to even look around my garden. Today I decided I must get out there to see what is going on since the first of December is bringing with it much lower temperatures.
June is the last of my hostas remaining.  She probably won't last another day from the looks of her.  The cold hard frosts coming will tuck her in for the winter.
The bittersweet made the most berries this fall.  I wonder if it was the amount of rain that made the difference or the longer growing season.  They sure look pretty as a fall decoration.  I hope they produce as well next fall.
Very little is blooming.  Even the Gooseneck Loostrife foliage is giving up.  It has been a beautiful yellow.  The burying browns are coming upon it.
There are only a couple of flowers really hanging on.  One is this Black and Blue Salvia.  The harsh weather to come soon will take it to the ground no doubt.  This is one annual that I will have to have in my garden again next year.  What is happening in your garden now?  I hope you have time to get out there and have a look around before the snow flies.  If it is already  snowing in your region what are you looking forward to next summer?  Is it too early to begin thinking of what we will have next?? I don't think we gardeners ever stop thinking of our next planting. Do we??

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Window Box Fall Dressing

Most of you are probably thinking about Oyster Dressing or Turkey dressing this week but I got to thinking about dressing the kitchen window box for the holiday.  The frost took the caladiums that performed here so well through out the summer. The only thing left thriving in the window box was some varigated ivy and tradescantia. 

I clipped some cedar, fern, grass heads and some hydrangea blooms and made the box look spiffed up for the holidays.  I don't know if the Tradescantia will survive many more frosts but I didn't have the heart to pull it out before it gave up.  After all it still had a few of its little pink blooms on it.

Have you done anything to your window boxes this fall?  I hope you have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -November 2009

I must say that the blooms in my garden aren't hardly worthy of photos.  I will put up a few to let you know I am still around and kicking.  This fall has been so busy for me.  I feel like all is under control as best it could be.  First up is the little bud on the carpet rose.  This plant has the worst conditions to grow in and it usually is the last to give up for the year.

This Purple Cone Flower is still trying to set some blooms. It is growing in too much shade so since the leaves are off the trees it is telling me it would appreciate some more sunshine.

This white anemone is still sporting a few blooms despite the frosty nights.  She is a real trooper.

Several of the tall Garden phloxes have a few little blooms.  They are enjoying this mild fall too.

The Persicari 'Red Dragon' is still blooming.

Other than the left over hydrangea blooms, a malva and a few shrivled mums the rest of the blooms in the garden come from annuals such as this Lantana which looks faded out. 

We are having our first rain in November today.  What is left in the garden seems to be perking up a bit. I hope you all are having a perky week too. For more Garden Bloggers Bloom Days please go to Carol's May Dreams Garden.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mish Mash Monday or Fungus Among Us

We have been out early many mornings lately not wanting to waste any of these beautiful fall days.

We came upon some interesting fungus.  This thing is as big as a softball.  They were growing on the top of a levee we were walking on. 

We weren't the only ones noticing these big ball-like fungus.  Something was eating them.  This one looks like something big took a bite out of it.  A deer perhaps.?  I know that there are many edible mushrooms but I am not the one to tell you which are edible. I don't eat wild mushrooms because there are so many are poisonous.  Wildlife seem to be able to eat even some of the poisonous ones.

We found several eaten right down to the ground.  When I first noticed this I thought it was a piece of styrofoam someone left behind.  Then I realized it was nearly impossible for styrofoam to be here. Of course the wind can deliver the unexpected.

I kicked one over to see what it looked like.  A hat came to mind. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of interesting finds.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Surprises in the fall garden

My thinking about the garden is becoming as dull as the plants are beginning to look in my garden.

The tall asters are beginnig to fade. The rain has beat them down. 

Back in the corner the Tiger Eye Sumac has dropped it leaves.  Moving this out in a more conspicuous place is one of my chores yet to do.  It is too small for this space. 

I like to be able to see its fuzzy wuzzy stems without having to make way through the taller Asters.

Looking off the patio I can see that the Pesicaria I moved last fall is absolutely thrilled with their new situation.  I had some hostas here but they didn't like fighting with the Ash tree roots for nourishment. The Pesicaria doesn't mind and has been blooming all through late summer and will keep on no doubt until a freeze gets it. 

Their tiny white blooms work so well in flower arrangements. The dark leaves give a nice shot of color.

A nice surprise this fall has been that this Cordyalis had decided to emerge. I had quite a bit of this growing in this area several years ago. I guess the nearly 8" of rain we had last month encouraged it.

Another surprise plant this fall is a malva that popped up in a flower bed that had started receiving more light after we pruned a tree above it.  I just love these kinds of surprises.

I know Mr McGregor's Daughter has had some surprises in her garden. Have you had any surprises in your garden this fall??

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