Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - February 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is a meme started by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. You can pop over there to see blooms from all over the world.  If you are like me and live were winters throw snow at you you will really appreciate everyone elses blooms. I did a little cheating by taking the following photo of my little patch of snowdrops yesterday since the weather people predicted more snow.
They were right this time.  My Dearly Beloved and I spent the morning outside making way in case we needed to get out for something.
I realize that today is Presidents Day and the post won't be running but tomorrow the postman will thank me for shoveling a path to the mailbox.
Inside things are looking a bit better as far as blooms go.  Thank goodness yesterday was Valentines day and my Dearly Beloved gifted me with a lovely bouquet of flowers. They are so cheerful in this cold white world we are in now.
I couldn't resist pulling out the one big rose in the bunch.  Can you smell it? It has a hearty fragrance for such a pale looking rose.
My only other inside bloom is one lonely little abutilon that just opened a couple of days ago. I am grateful for even this one bloom.  Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to you all.  I hope the sun is shining and plants are blooming in your part of the world.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Sowing

Before it got so darned cold this week and the snow started flying I decided to try my hand at some winter sowing.  The Queen of winter sowing, Monica at  Garden Faerie's Musings has begun her winter sowing.  Kylee at Our Little Acre has her BLUE POPPIES potted up.  I feel I am in good company with my first shot at Winter Sowing. 

A comfortable day for this experiment.  The sun was shining and it was almost 40 degrees. A perfect day for working outside.  I gathered up all the items I needed for this project.  One gallon milk jugs, potting soil (I had this on hand), seeds, duct tape, wine cork screw. No, not to open the wine but to punch holes in the bottom of the milk jugs for drainage, which I did.
I cut the tops nearly in half leaving a section attached at the handle so I could open the jug, insert the growing medium, placed several of the seeds in the growing medium.  Gave them a little shot of water, then I taped the jugs back together which was the most difficult task.  I marked on the jugs what was planted and the date.  Here they are lined up like ducks in a row just waiting to grow.
In one I planted the Kentucky Coffeebean Tree seeds.  Now this will be a joy if just one of them takes. I have wanted one of these trees for a long time. Another has some of the Iron Weed seeds that Monica gave me.  The last has some Butterfly weed and a few Cardoon Seeds that was sent to me by Cheryl.  Thank you ladies for sending me these seeds. I hope they all grow.  I saved a few of each to plant directly into the ground just in case these don't take.

Now it is the waiting game.  Waiting to see if this experiment works.  The seeds that need to be frozen are certainly getting the treatment now.  The wind is swirling and the temperatures dropping.  Below zero is expected so here is hoping.  Are you doing any winter sowing this year??

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Great House Plant Census 2010

Barbara over at Mr McGregor's Daughter has requested that we make a house plant census this winter. I thought it would be fun to see what all everyone has brought in.  In that vein of thought I was hoping you might like to see my house plants.
Above you see the main group. They stay huddled up in a NE facing window. The begonia and ferns don't mind this. Actually all have done better than expected this winter. For the most part I hate to say but my poor house plants look fairly bereft at this time of year.  This is one reason why I don't bring in many plants.  My house plant care isn't as consistent as it should be.  I mean I don't water regularly.  The succulents like that but the the rest of the group is not happy.  A bit more sunshine would help us all.
This pot of succulents and cactus sit on my desk in a NW window.  Along with a pony tail palm in the background.
This teapot has held this plant for many years.  That is a Kentucky Coffee Bean Tree seed pod at its base. I thought I would remember to winter sow some seeds if I left it there. Oops I digress...
In the terrarium is an Earth Star that is about to bloom.  It is turning pink beginning in the middle. I have had this fellow for some years. This is how I can tell the days are getting longer. It begins to bloom aka turn pink.  There is also a bit of moss I have tried to get growing in this terrarium. I think it has taken this time. I can't say how many times I have tried this but I am at least hopeful this time. Both of these plants like the same conditions.
The Staghorn Fern is growing now.  Another testament that the days are getting longer.
This fern I am not quite sure what it is but it has similar feet like the rabbit's foot fern but the little feet aren't furry.  It is a good grower though.
My list of plants (not all pictured) are:
1. Begonia
2.Staghorn Fern
3. Kangaroo fern
4. Rabbits foot fern
5. Abutilon
6. Cobweb Sempervivum
7. Earth Star
8. Corn Plant
9. Begonia
10. Nightblooming Cerus
11. Little fern (?)
12. Orange & Green Plant
13. Dichondra 'Silver Falls'
14. Aloe 'Blue Elf'
15. Mammillaria 'brain'is what I call it.
16. Mammillaria matudae 'Thumb Cactus'
17 Pony tail palm
18. Varigated ivy
19. Palm
20. Hoya
22. MIL plant
23. Narcissus bulbs that are finished blooming.

There you have it. If you would like to share your house plant census please go to MrMD post and leave a comment with your link. 

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