Monday, October 25, 2010

Silver Lining - Fall Color

Another disappointing conclusion to a prediction of rain. Not even a sprinkle graced our garden this weekend full of chances.
Let us not dwell on the disappointments of this fall season. Let us look at the silver lining of those storm clouds that passed right over our area. The tall native asters refuse to not show their beautiful colors against the tiger sumac. 
 Jodi at Bloomingwriter asked the question of what is your favorite fall colors. While the aster mentioned is a great one I think my very favorite is the American Beauty Bush that turns this chartreuse color and has those gorgeous lavender berries.  On Jodi's blog she shows some of the most beautiful colors including the burning bush that gets that gorgeous red during fall but I think Beauty Bush has so much more to offer.
The Bittersweet won't even turn its berries to orange yet. I am sure it is just waiting for a good rain to moisten the coverings so they can pop into their orange show. 
The new shrub Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea is showing some of its strawberry coloring now. It is going to be a keeper no doubt if it can deal with the drought. Of course I am helping it and all the shrubs along with some watering.

 If you like a darker more sultry look in the garden the Ninebark 'Summer Wine'. It looks great sitting beside a Beauty Berrry or a Clethera that turns that chartreuse or yellow in fall.
What plants bring that special fall color into your garden?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - October 2010

 I enjoy this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day the most because it is the anniversary of the first blog post I ever made.  That was three years ago. Carol who hosts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day here was most encouraging to me to start a blog. I thank Carol for this encouragement because blogging has certainly imporved  my gardening skills. Learning from generous encouraging garden bloggers in the world. I do mean all over the world.
 The blooms I had here three years ago are mostly the same this year with a few additions.
 Such as this beautiful new variety of hydrangea that was gifted to me by Cheryl another blogger I was fortunate enough to meet this summer. This hydrangea is an ever bloomer named Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea paniculata 'Renhy'. I am impressed by its will to live and bloom in this drought. Of course I am keeping it watered since it just arrived here.
 One of my succulent pots has had a bloom on it for a couple of months. Unfortunately I cut the bloom part off in this photo trying to get a picture of the mums at its feet. The blooms on the succulent isn't too showy but it is a bloom.
 Another mum that has been in this spot for several years. I like it little button shape and the yellow center. I have no idea what variety it is. All I know is that it must be hardy growing here where it gets little to no extra water.
 Of course making a big splash over the fence this time of year is the white anemone.  It is such a stalwart plant. It held its buds stubbornly until I decided to give it some water then it opened to say thank you and please don't forget me later when you water again.
Since blogger won't let me upload more photos I will just say that I have Toad lilies blooming and a few annuals as well. Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

New Blogger, Old Blogger

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