Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fire In The Garden

The garden does seem to be ablaze this time of year. We are having some beautiful fall light.  The light is setting off the golds and reds in the garden.
The sun nearly set on fire the foliage on this Witch Hazel 'Jelena'. For such a small shrub it absolutely commands attention, especially in this light. 
It isn't just shrub and tree color but when frost hits certain plants such as the lily of the valley on the right of this path it turns a beautiful golden yellow.
Every path you take has a shot of color. 
The Serviceberry tree above was alight too. It is amazing how long these leaves stay in this condition. At least this year. We had such a col spell and it has warmed up again.  
While my other Witch Hazel 'Diane' isn't as colorful with it's leaves but just look at those blooms. I was surprised to see it bloom at this time. I thought it would bloom later.
My newest acquisition, Japanese Coral Bark Maple, is beginning to live up to it's billing. The golden yellow and red leaves really set off the coral bark. This summer the bark wasn't quite as red as it is now. I am so pleased.
I hope you have lots of fiery foliage in your garden now. 

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