Saturday, February 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - February 2014

Even as the Full Snow Moon sets this morning I am thinking about blooms. It is nice to  be able to go to Carol's May Dreams Gardens to browse the colorful blooms posted from around the world. You know there is summer out there someplace. Just not here.
Here we have to come inside to find a pretty bloom. This is the other orchid I have blooming. It just popped out this little beauty at the right time to show you. 
We have had a bit of warmer weather lately. It got up into the upper 20's this past week. This awakened the Witch Hazel 'Diane'.  
But these blooms wouldn't even tempt Annie to get out and explore. She prefers to lay in front of the patio doors inside to soak up the sun. 
How about you? Are you able to get out much this winter? Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day anyway.

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