Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and Foliage Follow Up

My two favorite memes about gardening are Garden Bloggers Bloom Day brought to you by Carol at May Dreams Garden and Foliage Follow Up brought to you by Pam at Digging.
These two memes are great for seeing what is Blooming in your garden each month and to make  you think about what else is important when blooms aren't happening such as this time of year or times between blooming seasons.

This time of year I look inside for any blooms. This 'Black Truffles' Begonia is one of two bloomers I have. The small begonia shaped bloom has polka dots on it. You have to look closely to see them. To do so in this picture you can click on the picture to make it larger. This Begonia is beautiful even when it isn't blooming. The dark Chocolate whirling leaves with limey green veins and maroon red undersides look good all year long. 
My old faithful orchid is starting to bloom too. It is such fun to have these pretty delicate looking blooms on these dark winter days. 
The Christmas tree is sporting some blooms too. Of course the Christmas rose and 
my one and only poinsetta continues to bloom year after year with no particular treatment of so many hours of darkness etc as real poinsettas need. This one actually gets months of darkness. 
I hope you are all zipping around enjoying the holidays. Try to stop and at least look at the flowers and foliage that grace your house and garden. Cheers.

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