Monday, August 17, 2015

This Summer's Planters

Jason over at Garden in a City was discussing the planters he made this summer. He didn't sound too pleased about his and was asking what we had success with this summer. I must admit right off that I didn't fill all of my pots this year. First it rained so much I was not inspired to get out between rains to plant much. Then it got hot and I was away from home quite a bit so it all worked out.
If you look out the patio doors you can see most of my planters are specimen plants. The specimen plants mostly have to come inside for the winter. They are years old. Good friends that hang out here all year. 
One of my favorites that won't be coming in this winter is this pot with the Golden Lime Begonia and Gartenmeister Fuschia. The Golden Lime Begonia has about taken over. There is actually another plant in there but it isn't even visible from this vantage.
You have to come down the path toward the patio to even get a glimpse of it as you can see. I am going to remove that poor little grass, actually it is a creeping Broad - leaved Sedge 'Snow Cap', and plant it in the garden someplace. I had visions that it would be my spiller in this pot. It didn't creep over the edge of the pot much at all. It seems that this pot was all about the begonia.
Most of the rest of my pots are tropicals. Like this night blooming Cereus,
'Black Truffles' Begonia,
Pteris Cretica 'Roweri' with and under planting of 'String of Pearls'. The minature hostas in the pot in front of the Roweri stay outside all winter. They are quite happy doing so. This pot holds what was actually one plant that I divided this spring. 
Then there are the Orchids, Rabbit's Foot Fern, which have to come inside.
The planter behind the Rabbit's Foot Fern doesn't come inside. It has some Carex Hachijoensis 'Evergold', a tiny Holly start and some unnamed tropical vine that has grown great guns this summer.
You can see where I am going here. I have several pots that I consider outdoor pots that have small plants that will remain outside. 

While I love annuals and I say they do add a lot of color to the garden and especially in pots. I just don't have a whole lot of them.
I do have several spots of marigolds. I know don't squench up your nose. Jason makes a good plea for their addition to the garden. They are stalwart.  
So before you diss these little beauties . Remember 
they don't mind being ignored whether in a pot or in the ground as I use them. They mix well with others.
They give you a shot of color where all else fails. 
 They just don't give up.
Do you have any pots you are particularly pleased with this summer? Or do you have any stalwart plants that others might not appreciate?  Do share.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Staghorn Split

 You see I have this huge Staghorn Fern that I have had for quite a few years. I am not even sure when I received it from my Sister as a gift. The first mention of it in my Garden Journal is in 2004. Then it was small enough to be dunked in a bucket since it sat in a stainless steel basket.

It has been sitting in this planter for many years. Growing on itself.
If you look into the top of the plant you can see there were at least 3 big plants.
And if you look closely into the middle you can see a tiny start just inside the lip of the shields.
You can see how it is growing onto itself all around the shields.
I have been thinking about different ways I could mount this plant. Finally I came up with a plan. I wanted to find the right limb to attach this plant to. 
I found the limb I thought would work. My DB helped me bring it home this spring. It has sat on the patio all summer.  I haven't been able to work up the courage to split this fern. Today I decided it must be the day. My DB cut the limb to fit into the pot. I stuffed it into the pot anchoring it with potting soil.
When it came time to split the fern couldn't bring myself to use the saw on it. Luckily it easily split into two plants when my DB and I each grabbed a side and pulled. It was actually getting so heavy it was about to fall into two pieces anyway. This is one reason why I was spurred on to remounting the fern.  I decided to be happy with two plants and not saw a third piece off.  I mounted the two on the limb.  It will have the rest of the summer to acclimate to it's new digs.  
I won't rest easy about it until I see it perking up after a good rain. I must say I like the more natural look of the fern on the limb. It looks sculptural.  It has plenty of space to grow now. I hope it is as happy about it's new situation as I am.

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