Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Birds & Haiku

The prompts for Ronovan's Haiku this week are Trill and Final. When I think of trills my mind goes directly to birds. Of course if you knew me you would know it doesn't take much to make my mind go to the birds. 
I also want to link to Rebecca's Haiku My Heart. Her site has a regular following and I have read the haiku for several years although I don't often participate. Thank you Rebecca for inviting me.

I figure you all are as anxious as I am to hear the spring/summer chorus of nature. Hang in there it won't be as long as it has been. The days are getting longer.
My Dearly Beloved took these pictures and I appreciate that he has the patience to do so and shares with me and now you. Please don't use these pictures for anything without asking permission.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gardens and Haiku

It is that time of year when the garden is blanketed with snow my creative urges start to stretch out to different areas. I enjoy haiku poetry. A fellow gardener Cathy who is usually Rambling in the Garden must also have felt this urge as she introduced a haiku challenge.

This haiku challenge is sponsored by Ronovan of RonovanWrites. I hope you enjoy it too.
 Here is my stab at haiku with a photo to illustrate.

Fresh – Style

January 21, 2016

            Mini shrub huddles
Fresh air swirls in winter sun
Stylish snowy coat

You can click on the photo of the shrub if you want a closer look.
Thank you Ronovan for sponsoring the challenge and thank you Cathy for getting the word out.

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