Monday, October 23, 2017

Autumn Plant Migration

I woke this morning to find that our garden received a fair amount of rain, 7/10", last night. Along with the rain a cold front is predicted to lay upon our area the first round of 30 degree (1C+/-) temperatures.  In anticipation of the freezing and near freezing temps the autumn plant migration has been accomplished.
There isn't a window that doesn't have a plant in it. The kitchen table is even full.  I suppose we won't be dining on this table until next spring without some effort.
The dining room window is crowded. 
Our bedroom window has plants.  I really don't mind this as they seem to keep the room feeling fresh.
My office window has a few plants. 
 It is patio door that gets the full brunt of the collection. I leave a space between the plants and the doors so Annie can observe doggie tv comfortably. She must keep an eye out for the dreaded squirrels.
We on the other hand don't see much out our windows during winter unless we make the effort to go stand over plants to look. How about in your home, has the inward migration of plants happened yet?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - October 2017

Most of what is blooming in my garden right now are onezees except for a couple of things I took pictures of this week. Such as this Tricyrtis 'Samurai'. It was in the line of watering I did so it isn't so brown on the edges. It has bloomed quite nice.
The ole dependable Fall blooming Anemone 'Honorine Jobert' is blooming up a storm in this spot. It hasn't been watered either. One on the other side of the garden isn't doing so well and it has been watered. It is right beside the Tricyrtis. Hmmmm makes me wonder. 
The rest of my bloomers I am listing since they only have one or two blooms. 
Russian Sage
Asters (white and a purple) 
Aster 'Tataricis'
Rozanne Geranium

Salvia Black and blue, Wendy's Wish, Blue Spires

If you want to see what is happening in gardens all over the world head over to Carol's May Dreams Garden where everyone shows what is blooming.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Rejuvenation of Garage Side Path

 As you can see the Garage Side Path to the back garden is hardly discernable. The pine needles that I use to delineate this path from the beds has worn down this summer. Time to get it refurbished while the pine tree is sluffing off old needles.
Oh oh, the drought this summer has taken my pine needle supply away. This might not be the only tree I lose this year. A Locust tree isn't looking so good either...back to the path. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to scrape up enough needles but I happened on a gold mine.
An aquaintance from the park where we walk Annie lives up the street. I noticed he was mowing around a couple of big pines in his garden. I also noticed the golden blanket of pine needles below his trees. I stopped and asked if I could collect his needles. He was thrilled. Collect I did.
My DB helped with the collection and he wondered what I would do with all the left over bags. Ha. By the time I finished I only had a half bag left.
I even had enough to lengthen this path.
So whenever you walk off the driveway to go around back you can see where you are supposed to go. Or you can vere off into the side lot.
As you go around this big shrub 
You walk down the path to another little side path into the side lot.
Or you can go straight to the side gate.
In the middle of this path there is a space right under the garage window where it is difficult to get anything to grow. I decided I could place a difficult to place bench here. It is really more for looking at than sitting on. The poor forsythia appear to be a victim of the drought. I will see how they do next spring and if they don't revive...well, you know.
Looking back through the gate you can see it looks quite neat.
It is neat and tidy now, people will know where to walk.
A friend was through here last evening thought the path looked wider. It really isn't wider you can just see it now. Have you been doing any little projects in your garden this fall? 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Excuse Me...

Excuse while I gloat, no maybe I should say float. We are getting a much needed rain. I am sitting here in my office watching the water run between our house and the neighbors house.  
I haven't seen this all summer. You can see that the neighbors small tree didn't make it through the drought. Neither did the hostas under our Pansy Redbud.
With water collecting in the paths
and all getting some much needed rain plants will be able to recover and survive the winter. 
I won't have to fill the water feature as I have had to do every day. The poor birds and other critters haven't had puddles to bathe in. Today and tomorrow they will have fresh rain water to luxuriate in. 
We have over an inch in the gauge. Can't wait to see what we end up with. Such excitement!! I won't get anything accomplished until it stops raining. The air feels so fresh and clean. 

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