Sunday, October 28, 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

A Few Blooms along with the Arrival of Autumn - October 2018

It sure hasn't felt much like autumn until the past few days. The nights were finally getting cool. Today it feels like autumn even during the day. The wind is blowing in some cool wet air. Brrr. This got me going to bring in the few plants I am saving this year. 
Those of you that read my blog regularly might notice a missing plant. It is the large Staghorn Fern that I have wrestled with the past few years. I finally decided I wasn't going to bring it in this year. As the nights grew cooler I couldn't bear to just leave it out to die so I asked around and found someone that has a big greenhouse that would give it a good home.  This was a difficult decision for me as I had that plant for many years (14). It seemed more like a pet to me. 
 My largest plant now is this night blooming cereus epiphyllum-oxypetalum (above). If I can't pick it up and move it next year I might re-home it too.
Anemone Honorine Jobert
Since the change in weather has brought a bit of much needed rain I seem to have a few blooms for Bloom Day.
Spiderwort Kate
The Asters are certainly performing well. I just love the way this one hangs over the edge of the sidewalk out front. You can see remnants of Russian Sage and Solidago 'Fireworks behind it. 
This white wild aster that just bullied its way into the front bed by the driveway is still looking perky. Someone that was visiting thought I should pull it because it is sort of bossy but I rather like strong characters. This area gets no supplement water so if it wants to grow and thrive here so be it.
The cheeky aster made its way across the drive and into the remaining black eyed Susans that the rain has revived.
The Toad Lilies are blooming up a storm. You can see their poor little leaves are half dried up but the rain seemed to pump up the blooms. I always look forward to them. I have planted several types of Toad lilies in the garden but this one is the only one that lasts more than a season. I am not ever sure of which one it is. I have had it so long and divided it and planted it here and there.
Lastly the surprise of the season, the Azalea is throwing open a few blooms to celebrate the rain.
What is blooming in your garden now? Please do share and head over to Carols May Dreams Garden to share with one and all your lovely blooms.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wednesday Vignette - Spring meeting Fall

In this vignette you can see that the Columbine leaves are turning the colors of the Aster directly behind it. It must be that the Autumnal Aster is smitten with the Columbine and she is blushing.
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