Monday, October 15, 2007

Bloom Day

Hello Fellow garden Bloggers. I have made the leap. The following is the beginning of my garden blog here at Greenbow. Welcome one and all. I will look forward to joining in the Bloom Days and hearing from one and all. I think this first blossom of a snowball bush in my garden is an appropriate photo for my first photo posted to my first blog. This poor plant has had a difficult time getting established. I tend to move my plants around and around until I find the best placement. Unfortunately I can't seem to "see" the best placement for plants at their original planting. Luckily this bush survived and lived to bloom. In the background is some Bronze Fennel blooming.

The wild asters here at Greenbow are towering over our 4'fence. They are such wonderful asters as they haven't had any extra water this horribly dry summer and continue to grow and bloom.
The bees are most happy about the asters refusal to keel over from lack of water.

Russian sage and golden rod are also thumbing their noses at the rain gods.

This blue clematis is giving a bloom or two as a nod to fall.

I don't think anything can keep the carpet roses down. This pink one has been here for years. It smells good too.

New Blogger, Old Blogger

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