Friday, October 4, 2019

October Consolation

We have had only .9 inch of rain since the last time I wrote with half of those days in the 90's which made news because a lot of those 90's were record breaking heat. This time of year we normally have plenty of rain and cooler weather. 
As of today the cooler weather has come in but still no rain. My poor garden is looking quite drab. There was a spot in the garden that gave me great consolation today. I wanted to share it with you.
The compost corner is nearly surrounded by Tatarian Aster. The Missouri Botanic Garden says that  Tatarian Asters will grow to 3 -4 foot tall. I am here to tell you that these will grow much taller. I am was so surprised to see that the range this summer is 4 to 8foot tall. The chain link fence you see is 4' tall quite a few are double that.
They lift my spirits high too
This afternoon the blooms were buzzing. There were so many bees, flies, bugs and Butterflies floating around. It was a joy to just stand there and watch.
You should be able to click on any of the pictures to enlarge them so see if there are smaller critters in the blooms too.
There were a couple of American Painted Lady Butterflies.
There were also some large Sulphers and Cabbage Whites flitting about but they wouldn't stand still for  a picture.
There were several different types of folded-winged skippers. 
Those tall plants were bobbing and weaving in the breeze. The bugs were flying from bloom to bloom so I didn't get shots of everything. The wind blew my patience away.
Such a nice introduction to the weekend. I hope you all are planning a good one.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

September Slump

As it always seems September is the time in the garden that everything seems to slump. Every plant in the garden seems to start to get that worn look. 
Some of the reasons are that the days are getting shorter and we haven't come to the fall rains yet. There is a lot of moisture in the air. We have had heavy fogs each morning but not much else.
 I sort of hate to admit it but this gardener looks forward to the time when I don't have to do much in the garden except weed and sit around thinking about things I want to do next year. Do you ever get like this? 
I have had some nice surprises lately. Like these two Queen of the Prairie Filipendula rubra plants deciding to bloom. They normally bloom in the spring/early summer. I think what brought these blooms on is that there was an accident and a major water line was broken. The city came to flush the lines after it was fixed so this area of the garden was flooded. I guess the Queen thought it was spring again.
Another pleasant surprise was this Red Spotted Purple butterfly that sashayed through the garden. I don't see these often in the garden. You can see the red spots on the underwings in the following photo.  
I hope you are having plenty of pleasant surprises in your garden.