Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Freakish Fall

This will be a fall that will be in the memory for some time. Not only from the standpoint of it being the most warm but the driest. The garden seems to be just sitting there awaiting the whims of weathers to come in to play.
As summer was just as hot, actually hotter than my comfort zone, Weeds got out of hand. The Veggie Garden area reverted to the Forgotten Corner. We didn't get any mulch out in early spring because we traveled some.  
Lately we have taken back the Forgotten Corner and have spread mulch. It will be much easier to keep the weeds at bay, hopefully. We have never done fall mulching before. I will see what I think of this practice.
You can see that earlier in the month even things were still green. At least as green as can be expected this time of year. 
Right now all of the grass has gone dormant. What green you see here in this path are weeds. 
I have had to put up a fence to keep Annie and some of her friends from tearing out the back door of the house and tromping through this little garden by the back step. It is working out good. The ground is so hard that I couldn't hardly drive the upright posts into the ground with a sledge hammer. Ha... I might work on the aesthetics when I get a few more sticks long enough. 

I was inspired to make this type of fence by some of the fencing I saw while in Wisconsin at the meet up.

Squirrels are the major points of contention. They lure Annie and her friend Jack out the door and across the patio in chase.
Some of the more enjoyable and encouraged visitors are the Carolina Chickadees. They are so difficult to get a picture of as they are always in motion. 
The butterflies and 
bees are taking full advantage of all the flowers that dare to live during this dry spell. 
We have seen the last of our resident hummingbirds. I haven't seen one in the garden the past three days.  
This is definitely a sign of colder weather to come. Hopefully it will bring with it some much needed rain. How is your garden faring this fall?