Monday, June 11, 2018

Miscellaneous Monday

I am happy to report we have received a good share of  Miracle Moisture that I have been complaining about not having. I won't mind a bit of some of those 25% and 45% predictions of more Miracle Moisture show up.
The garden has certainly responded. It is such fun to find perky plants instead of droopy dull plants in the garden. Just step through this path off the patio and I will show you some other miscellany.
This flower bed has a bit of color in it now.  The first daylilies, a tall lily and a oak leaf hydrangea blooming up a storm. The blooms are small this year but it is good to see them. You can embiggin the photos if you want a close up look.
We have a tulip poplar that popped up at the edge of a flower bed. We have been trying to get one to grow out in the side lot for several year. We haven't had any luck. This I think of as a gift. Maybe I will leave it here since this is where it chose to live. 
Annie seems to be inspecting the Nikko Blue hydrangeas. Do you notice anything odd about this picture? These shrubs are normally several inches taller by this time of the year.  It seems a lot of plants are struggling this spring.
The Miracle Moisture also brought out jelly fungus.
It turned the white fungus that was growing on the rock below black, yuck.
The Miracle Moisture also brought out other creatures. This garter snake was keeping an eye on me.
It was a pretty bright color. Look how wide her mid section is. It is either pregnant or it had been eating something yummy. 
This past weekend I bought a few native plants that the Knox County Invasive Species Control Association was selling at the Farmers Market. This vine, Yellow Passionflower Pssiflora lutea, will hopefully climb up a pole it is planted beside. Will I be sorry about this? We will see. I also bought a Woolly Pipevine aristolochia tomiatosa, Foxglove beard tongue, Butterfly weed to add to what I have already. 
Speaking of butterflies. I had a Red Admiral  and this Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly in between showers. Neither would hardly sit still for a portrait.
Lastly but not least we finally got a new top for our gazebo. It is so pleasant to be able to sit out in the early morning or late evening and not be eaten alive by mosquitoes. 
How is your garden getting on now? I hope you have had enough of the Miracle Moisture to keep things blooming.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Unusual sighting - Tacky Green Russula Mushroom

We had our daily walk with Annie this morning. The sky was still overcast and you could feel the humidity in the air. We had a good rain last evening with a promise of more rain this morning so we had to get out before the rain came pouring down. Since this is the first rain in June it was most appreciated.

As we came to the end of our walk there upon a mossy hummock along the road were these nice greenish mushrooms. I have never seen this color of mushroom before.
There were several scattered through the moss. This rather large one was knocked over. 
You can see the gills below. 
With me holding this you can tell it wasn't small. Probably 3 to 4 " wide.
As they were popping up this is how they looked.
My best guess by looking through a mushroom field guide is that it is a Tacky Green Russula   Russula aeruginea. My field guide is fairly old. It is the tenth printing (1994) of the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms.
If there is an updated name for this mushroom or if I am totally wrong about what it is I would be happy to know just what it is I have seen. 
I think our dry spring has made all sorts of plants happy to receive rain. Everything looks perky this morning.