Monday, September 1, 2014

September Starts

Labor day seems like the beginning of fall. Here the weather is trying to cooperate with all the people that gather for one last picnic before the weather really begins to turn.
One little white rose at the tippy top of the arbor hangs on. The bees are working furiously on any and all blooms that they find. 
Berries are beginning to turn. This beauty berry is way ahead of the one that is in more shade. 
Even the holly berries are beginning to bring on that fall/winter color. 
The veggie garden, I should say tomato patch has done exceptionally well this summer. You can see those grape tomato vines towering above the tall arch. On the right of the arch are cucumbers. They appreciated their opportunity to climb the arch. We have had plenty of cucumbers. Plenty of everything we planted except the bell peppers. They were overcome by the tomatoes.
A lesson learned...we need to prune and/or not plant so many tomatoes next year. Our neighbors and friends just start shaking their head no when we start talking about our tomato crop. 
Out front the 'Fireworks' goldenrod is beginning to bloom. 
I hope you don't have to labor much today and are able to get out in the garden to relax and enjoy the last of the lush season.
Happy Labor Day

Monday, August 18, 2014

Foliage Plants -Foliage Follow Up- August 2014

Pam at Digging has a monthly meme about foliage. I wanted to share my last two acquisitions that fit the meme.  This Golden Dwarf Hinoki Cypress. It absolutely gleems in the sun. 
I have it situated with red, blue pink and white foliage plants.
The other aquisition is this Emeral Spreader Yew 'Monloo'. I know yews are a bit out of vogue but this one has the tiniest little leaves. It doesn't get too big and I fell in love with that deep green color. It will bring a sense of calm as it...
 sits at the south end of this line of various colors of foliage. I think it will bring a calm to the situation. 
What sort of foliage plants do you have in your garden?