Friday, December 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - December 2017

Since we have had a mostly mild December so far I actually have an outdoor bloom to show today. This is the first in a few years that I have had an outdoor bloom. Hmmmm on closer inspection maybe I should call these buds. They formed after a cold spell when temps went above normal.
 The Lonicera Sempervirens has two clumps of these bud/blooms on it. As you can see it is in protest though. The leaves have turned yellow and the blooms will soon freeze off for the winter. 
Inside this is the first winter in some time that I haven't a Orchid bloom to share. The orchids have plenty of buds. Maybe next month.
There is one air plant that has a bloom or two. They are so intriguing. This one looks sort of like an octopus when it isn't blooming but the pretty purple buds open with the flower. You can almost see the pollen. You can see at least 2 spent flowers on it and one yet to come.
This time of year wouldn't be the same without an amaryllis in bud or bloom. This one is named Minerva. It is the most odd acting amaryllis I have ever had. The blooms aren't lasting very long. They are sure pretty while they do last. It has had 5 blooms so far and still has a bud. I can't complain...can I? I do wish they would last longer. 
Here where we have so much frost and cold tho it is nice to have a few blooms to warm us.
Do you have any blooms this winter?  Please do share with everyone over at Carol's blog who hosts the Bloom Day on the 15th of every month here. When you go there you can also see what is blooming all over the world. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

December's Entrance

When I peeked out the back door this morning I could see that there was frost all over. This has been a usual sight this past month and December is carrying on where November left off. 
I don't mind all this frost because it has not been cold enough to dash every green thing to the ground. As a matter of fact November was warmer than normal this year. December is beginning as November ended yet it has that bit of later golden color as the sun rises. 
I couldn't help but to put on a jacket and go out to see what was shining in the garden.
As you can see the East side paths were golden.  
Frost all over the leaves. 
Even the lambs ears were looking more frosty than normal. 
Oakleaf Hydrangea was looking splendid with the green leaves coaxed into an autumnal burgundy. The bit of green at it's feet is Rosanne Geranium. It doesn't want to give up quite yet either. 
The arbor above represents all the arbors in the garden. Naked. I wonder if there is an evergreen vine that would survive in my zone 6a garden? I am not aware of any. 
The shadows are long now. 
This hollyhock is the most persistent plant. It grows in the edge of the gravel path. I have tried to dig it up to get rid of it. It just won't let go.  Frost doesn't bother it. Cold will soon melt it.
I have had to put chicken wire around this pot with miniature hosta in it. I hope the squirrels haven't already destroyed the plant. The squirrels dig in all the pots. Some worse than others. 
Around front the Silver Ponyfoot is hanging on quite nice. It has spread far this summer. This plant isn't supposed to be hardy here. Last year it died back to the ground but as you can see it grew back with great exuberance. The bit of green frills in the foreground are leaves of crocus. The drought this summer have quite a few spring bulbs confused. 
The golden light is spreading fast. 
I will leave you here in it's warm glow. Have a great weekend.