Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Once Again Blue

Once again today I am sort of blue. A little different shade of blue. I am blue because we had to have a tree removed from the back garden. A beautiful old Black Locust tree. I always loved the way this tree spread out like a fan. Mainly because of the power lines behind it. It had been trimmed and cut back to within an inch of it's life on one side.
The power company came rumbling into the garden with their big truck. I was pleasantly surprised about how sensitive they seemed to be to the other plants and trees they had to come through to get to the Locust. 
They got set up and began the removal. Going... 
The power company was afraid that the tree would fall onto the lines and then push the lines into the neighbors pool. That being a worse case scenario. The left side as we look at it was towering over the yard barn well withing reach of the pool if it fell the wrong way. Great care had to be taken with these heavy cuts of logs. Going...
The afternoon heated up like a mid summer day. Going... 
Sad thinking about the butterflies and birds that depended on this tree. Going...  
As you can see it isn't quite Gone. It won't be long and hopefully our neighbor that has a fireplace will be over to cart away the remains. Then as all Gardeners realize I will be trying to figure out what I want to replace this tree. I have been thinking about it for some weeks knowing that this tree had to go. I kept putting it out of my mind because with this removal our back garden is going from shade to much more sun. I need a different mind set. I am having a difficult time trying to decide what to do. 
What to do?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blue Phase

Even though blue is difficult to come by in the garden. This time of year there are quite a few blues. From the sky outside
to my blue sofa inside,
and all the blues in between
Blue Grape Hyacinths  
and the perfectly named for this time of year, Windflowers though small bring the sky close to the ground for us to admire.
I am excited about all the blues and with great anticipation I am looking at blue pots that will have some complimentary fillers. 
Like Jessica, visit here,  I have some blue on me since I turned my green potting bench into the Blue Tang potting bench.
I am now ready to get those blue pots filled  and continue through my Blue Phase. 
Are you going through a color phase? If so what color has your wheels turning?