Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday - Chelone lyonii

I think this Pink Turtlehead is a must have in a garden. It is such a great performer in shade or sun. A late bloomer as you can see. Once it is established you can just forget it is there. I have lots of shade so I am always looking for a plant that performs well here. This one does not disappoint. 
Luna excavated a small cavern right up to this clump of Turtleheads to keep cool and it hasn't shown any sign of wilting.  It's 3'tall stems are still showing some blooms through this drought too. The dark glossy leaves make a nice background for any plants in front of it. You can't deny those sassy pink lips with a little white tongue sticking out are sweet.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unique Opportunity with Special Guests

When my cousin Beckie mentioned that she and Rose were having visitors from England and asked would I like to come meet them I immediately said yes.  I wouldn't have passed up this opportunity for anything because her visitors were Cheryl who writes Take Time To Smell the Flowers and her precious MrP. They came all the way from England for this visit.
Beckie and Rose had the best itenerary arranged for us.
We first went to Meadowbrook Park. Here they have a section of prairie. It appeared to be a sea of yellow what with all the Goldenrod blooming. There were plenty of bees and bugs to keep the camera shutters fanning.
There was also some interesting sculptures scattered through out the prairie.
At one end of the park was a cultivated garden. There was also an herb garden.
The next stop was at the Idea Garden. This is where Rose spends some of her time doing her Master Gardening hours.  There was much inspiration of color for the garden here.
There was also unique grasses and other plantings.
We went to a Pollinatarium to watch bees busy at work. I learned so much during the short while we were there. It was facinating watching the bees coming and going in the hive with glass sides.
We walked on through another garden kept by the University of IL.
There was so much to see. We had such a grand time. Rose entertained us at her home and garden one evening.
Then Beckie entertained us in her home and garden. We enjoyed one anothers company like we were long lost friends come together again. Who else could you sit with on the patio, enjoy watching the wildlife, talking gardens and Grands.
The only bad thing about this visit is that it was too short. We said our goodbyes in the parking lot.
I hope that we have another chance to visit and tour together in the near future. I can't thank Beckie and Rose  enough for putting together the tours and making us feel so welcome.
Until we meet again...Bon Voyage.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Six Word Saturday #1

Beautiful Sunshine, Cool Breezes...
Content Dog
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Luna isn't the only one contented by the cooler, breezy weather. We are all sighing with relief. Now all we need is a nice slow rain.

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