Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

I was out taking pictures of butterflies in the garden and as usual this one got away but not before I captured its shadow on the leaf where it was resting. You can see the wing of the butterfly in the upper left of the photo.
Happy Shadow Shot Sunday to all. For more shadow shots go here.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Droughty Fall

The garden is sure looking sad this year. Usually at this time it is recooperating from the late summer drought we normally have. However this year has not been normal in any stretch of the imagination.

I will say that there are finally a few pretty bugs in the garden. The above Red Admiral looks a little tattered but it isn't the only one that has been to visit lately.
As this Gray Hairstreak is taking advantage of the holes that the hummers have been making in the hosta flowers so have the Red Admirals like the one on the header photo.
After having a sip from the butterfly bush this Monarch was seen on a milk weed vine. I wonder if it was looking for a place to lay eggs.
The Silver Spotted Skippers have been in evidence all summer. Nothing seems to put them off schedule.

It is a bit surprising to have honey bees but I am happy to see them buzzing around.
Another pleasant surprise this summer was the vine growing beside the compost bin. These big yellow-orange blooms started developing.  
Then we started finding some little green fruits that developed into...
Yes, you guessed right, an Acorn Squash.  The best part is this is not the first one we got from this vine. Let me tell you. This hasn't been watered this summer. It would be a good veggie to plant if you have dry growing conditions.  As far as I can tell it hasn't had any bugs adversely bothering it.
I am trying to put on my happy face about this growing season but it is a struggle. I just keep telling myself that there are people out there with worse problems. When I look around and see the dwarf mondo grass dieing...
And the last of my standing dogwoods looking like this I begin to lose heart. 
I haven't felt this way about the garden since my Mother passed away. It is difficult to even get the nerve up to go out and water. Oh well, enough of that. Buck up girl. I know I can do it. Just look at this pretty little wall hanging planter that was given to me at the beginning of the season. To read more about that you can go here.  It has grown into it's own. I could hang it on the wall if I had a spot. I don't really have a place to hang it so it sits propped up  on a shelf. It must be happy enough because a couple of the plants are blooming. 
They have the sweetest little white bloom. 
I have had another amazing discovery.  Quite by accident too. It seems that Lowes had geranium starts and alyssum to practically give away so I put them in my knot garden for a little summer color. I am thrilled to say they have been watered only three times in the past three months and they look great.
On this happy note I am going to sign off. I debated on wheter to post this whiny diatribe about this growing season since it seemed like I went from Bloom Day to Gloom Day. I think I feel better about it so thanks so much for listening.  I do want to let you know that we here at Greenbow are alive and hopeful. I hope that you are too.

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