Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This past spring I had the pleasure of visiting the garden of a local garden celebrity of sorts. Dr Emmert and his wife Nancy have a marvelous garden located here in my little town. The garden is situated on 7 acres.  This past spring they hosted the National Azalea Growers Association.  As you can see though their garden is a whole lot more than azaleas.
My timing for a visit was a little late for the big show. 
Every time I go through the garden I see things that inspire me. It doesn't matter what time of year.
I also seem to learn something. This trip was no exception. I learned about the art form of Pinjing. Since I am usually the last to find out about such things I won't be surprised if you all say 'Oh yea that old art form'.  For those of us that love bonsai and have never heard of Penjing I thought you might like to see Dr Emmerts latest craze.
The art form itself is older than bonzai. The Chinese have done this for centuries. They add a little more
to the arrangements than you would for bonsai. 
Of course what you add to the planting is not to take away from the plants but to enhnace them. 
Each arrangement is planted on a slab of stone.
I am amazed that they grow on this substrate.
These are a few that were along a dark pathway in the garden. 
I thought Iwould share them with you so you might become as interested in them as I. Maybe these will give your winter gardening psyche something new to think about.
Happy Gardening thoughts.

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