Monday, October 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - October 2012

The toad lilies are blooming despite their sulking through the drought this summer. 
 Thankfully we have been having rain this autumn. Everything seems to be responding to the moisture.
 The hardy cyclamen are blooming up a storm.
 I hate to say it but I have forgotten what this plant is below. It was a gift from Cindy. Pllease tell me what it is. It has these beautiful blooms that look like orchids of some sort. I brought it inside just before the first frost and it continues to bloom. It has green leaves that turn purple on the underside. I should know what it is. I had it years ago. My memory has failed me...again.
Other plants blooming at this time are Mums, dahlia, asters, sedums. 
If you have something blooming in your garden this month please join everyone posting on Carol's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, here.

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