Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July 2013

While there is a lot of the same things blooming at this time this year it seems that the plants are not under duress due to such hot dry temps. Especially after last years brutal drought.
This spring and early summer we have had record rains. The Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea is looking it's best ever surrounded by daylilies and the Purple Knight butterfly bush. 
Daylilies are blooming their heads off. 
This tall Legend Oriental Lily is just gorgeous. It is our first year for it in the garden. The bloom is huge. and there are several of the blooms. The paperwork states that it needs full sun. It gets very little sun here. I sure hope it survives. I am afraid that it might be much smaller and fewer blooms next year. We will see. 
Another newbie in the garden is the Tiger Lily. I have always wanted this beauty in the garden. It is in a position that it gets more sun than the Oriental Lily yet it didn't grow to it's potential. It is only about 2 feet tall. Hopefully next year it will stretch out some. 
The honeysuckle is blooming as good as it has all year to date. We have finally been getting plenty sunshine. I think it encouraged it to get busy and bloom.
Pink Phlox and Goose Neck Loosestrife are blooming together. 
I was so hoping that the tall white phlox would bloom along with the blue clematis to make this view with the Lucifer Crocosmia a red-white-blue patriotic display but the clematis had nearly given up that idea by the time the phlox decided to bloom. 
What is blooming in your garden this July 15th? If you want to share and see what is going on all over the world pop over to Carol's May Dreams Garden and add your blooms to the bouquet.

Blooming in my garden now:
Tall garden phlox (white and pink)
Oriental Lily 
Tiger Lily
Russian Sage
Purple Cone Flower
Meadow Salvia
Mondarda (red, pink, lavender)
Carmel Heuchera
Purple Palace Heuchera
Hardy Hibiscus
Nikko Blue Hydrangea
White (?) Hydrangea
Weigelia (red)
Little Bonnie Dwarf Spiraea
Green Peppers
Summer Squash

Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Garden Denizen

 As I was saying in a previous post. When we returned from vacation we found that we had a new garden denizen. The Little Brat, LB for short, of course that was what I was thinking about the furry little beast that moved in while we were away.
At first it was difficult for me to be alarmed by the LB. 
I say, just look at that sweet face. 
LB even tried to make friends with the chicks that roam the garden. I could just hear him say "Come on gize, talk to me." Of course they wouldn't talk to a little trouble maker. 
After all they witnessed LB stuffing his pouches with sunflower seeds and then planting them in all the planters on the patio.
He even had the audacity to plant a clump in my orchids. 
I am finding little clumps of sunflowers popping up everywhere around the house. 
Even the fairies are getting into the act. The Prince of Fairies tried to talk some sense into him. Explaining that if his presence was not intrusive he would be welcome.
He wouldn't listen to anything the Prince tried to tell him. He just turned his back and went about eating sunflower seeds and planting his stashes everywhere. 
The other fairies are on the look out for LB.
They are watchful because they don't want globs of sunflowers popping up in their gardens. They are shocked at how he keeps misbehaving. 
 The really scary thing is that Midnight, protector of the Fairies, has been called into action by the Fairies. She thinks LB is such a tempting morsel. 
It will be interesting to see if LB lasts. He is quick as lightening. If all he does is plant a few sunflower seeds I won't be rooting against him.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all of my USA celebrants.
I make a bouquet every year to take to my friend's house for their party. I hope everyone had a happy safe holiday.

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