Friday, December 6, 2013

Cleon's Visit

The winter storm named Cleon has been visiting our area. The snow began yesterday afternoon and has continued all day today. They say Cleon will be here until midnight.
My Dearly Beloved shoveled a path out to feed the birds this morning.
Of course Annie had to be out to help him. 
She had to keep watch in case a rascally squirrel decided to attack. 
She tries to communicate with the squirrels. "Don't be afraid furry little beast. I wouldn't hurt you." I don't think she meant that last part. 
She sat patiently in the snow for some time. The birds come in to the feeders. They know who she is after. They also know to stay out of the way if a squirrel is about. 
Did I help with the snow removal.  Of course I did. My DB took a picture of my hat as I was removing my boots. You can see snow accumulation on my hat. It hasn't stopped coming down. Luckily it isn't all ice. 
I hope you all are staying warm and safe.