Friday, January 16, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - January

This GBBD is nearly a repeat of last month's blooms. Yes, the Orchid is still blooming and I am still awaiting the other Orchids to decide to pop open their buds. A bit of surprise though is the Christmas Cactus that is starting it's third round of blooms since I brought it inside for the winter.
You can see behind the blooms and buds of the Christmas Cactus the begonia is still going full force. 
 I loved the shape of this Pancake Kalanchoe before it began to elongate. It had those big pancake shaped leaves all stacked up. I was so surprised to see it growing tall after I brought it into the house this fall.  It is getting tall and setting lots of blooms on this tall stalk. I thought it was doing this because of lack of light. So I got on the net and read about these plants. It seems it does grow tall like this, blooms and then dies sort of like the life cycle of some agaves. I am pleased that there are several pups at the base of this plant. I wonder how long it will take it to go through this cycle? 

As you can see in the background of these pictures the sun is shining today. It is quite a lovely winter day. Not too windy and warmer than it has been. These conditions made for a nice sashay through the garden to look for anything blooming outside.
This odd looking little bloom is on a Witch Hazel that is supposed to be Jalena. It isn't too exciting but it is nice to have a tiny blossom in January anyway. This is the shrub/tree that the lower part blooms in fall. This is the upper bloom. Weird but anything blooming in January is wonderful.'
I looked over the Helebores. The only one that has even a bud is Ivory Prince that is growing right beside the concrete patio. 
The Prince is a hardy soul and he takes full advantage of the heat generated by the concrete patio. It won't be long and I will have a full fledged bloom here. 
The Snowdrops aren't so lucky as to be beside the patio. they are out in a garden bed that is still frozen but they are trying their best to open.
I hope you are having a nice winter's day to enjoy the garden. If you need some more winter inspiration go to Carol's May Dreams Garden and see all who link their monthly blooms.