Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Little Excitement

These grey windy days of winter sure don't give you much to cheer about in the garden. Right now I could cheer because I have a bit of excitement in the living room. 
As I was spraying the Staghorn Fern today I noticed another bit of color and form on the tree limb I have the Staghorn mounted on. Peek through there. Do you see it?

Yes. Yes that is it. The little Phalaenopsis that I attached to the limb has a bloom! What a brave little bloom.
Let us go around to the lit side of this and have a look. 
Awww, isn't it pretty? It is a different color than my other ones. It is also as I say a small one. It seems happy as a clam here. It has another bloom stalk and several more buds. I can't wait until they open. 
If you enbiggen the following photo you can see how this little orchid is reaching around the limb with one of it's roots to hold on. 
Can't really see it?  Here let me take you closer. You can also see the piece of twine that I used to tie it onto the limb. I will let it rot off. It will be gone by next winter.
I will show you the other side as well.  Two big new roots clinging.
While I was in Key West, Fl a couple of years ago I  saw orchids growing on trees. I just had to try this myself. It WORKS!   
I would love to put all of my orchids onto a limb. They naturally hang down though. I would have to put a tall limb into a pot so I could easily see the blooms. 
You can also see in this photo that the Staghorn Fern is responding to longer days. We might not be able to tell the days are getting much longer but the plants know. 
Is anything exciting happening with your house plants?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - January 2017

Good day and welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Come with me outside on this misty cool morning to see what is blooming. 
Unfortunately all I have found outside are the promises of some blooms. The Snowdrops are ready and waiting for a shot of sunshine to make them bloom. 
The Hammilis mollis is wanting to bloom too.I see a hint of yellow at the base of those buds. Excitement builds... 
While I was strolling around in the garden a flock of Canada Geese flew over. Headed out into the fields for their their morning feast. For your listening enjoyment, Wild Goose Song...
The mourning doves are lined up on the power line waiting for me to go inside so they can come to the feeders.
So sorry I did digress, let us just step inside where it is warm and dry.
Let M'lady show us a couple of blooms. 
She sits here in the kitchen with the rest of the orchids. She watches and waits for the rest of the orchids to pop open some of their buds.
Over in the living room in front of the patio doors the Staghorn Fern lords over the plants. The Limey Begonia is full of sweet little blooms. 
It is a job trying to get to the blooms for a decent shot.
The pale pink blooms with little polka dots are worth the trouble. 
The last but not least is the Black Truffles Begonia. It has quite a few of it's small blooms. 
They too have the little polka dots. Such a sweet little blossom.
For more blooms to brighten your day pop over to Carol's May Dreams Garden where she has been encouraging people for the last ten years to post their blooms on the 15th of each month.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Holly in Snow

holly tree stands full
so cold, the mockingbird feast
berries in the snow

I am joining in with Rebecca and others for Haiku this Friday here. Please join everyone by participating or just having a good read this snowy day. 

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