Thursday, June 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - June 2017

I am so happy that I waited until this morning to write my GBBD post. I had been feeling as miserable as my garden looked prior to midnight last night when a frightful thunder storm raged through here.  This storm brought the first rain of June to the garden. I mean to tell  you the first drop of rain. I thought our poor garden was doomed. Amazing what 3/4" of rain will do for your flowers let alone One's own spirit.
The stars of the garden right now are the day lilies. Most of mine are old fashioned varieties such as the one above, Paper Butterfly.
Screech Owl
And most appropriately named June Bug. The rest of them blooming now are fairly tame looking compared to all the fancy varieties available now. Am I showing my gardening age?? I love them all anyway.
Day lilies aren't the only things blooming right now of course.
I have several tall lilies in the garden. This one is Heartstrings. The rest of them look so worn from the drought that I won't picture them.
The Coneflowers are beginning to bloom.
This Papaya Coneflower is a new introduction to my garden this year and it is gorgeous. Even with the droughty weather it has been blooming. 
The Oakleaf Hydrangeas are blooming. I don't know the names of them but they are also a plant that doesn't pay much attention to the weather. I wish I was more like them. This one has big ole blooms on it. 
This one has more blooms but smaller. 
The spiderworts are blooming up a storm.
Yuccas are blooming. I always think of them as one of my birthday flowers as it blooms near my birthday. 
These lovely Calla Lily 'Golden Nugget' is blooming now. They are such cheerful bloomers and make great cut flowers. Then you have this poka dotted leaves to accent the flower bed. Amazing that these used to be considered annuals here. Now what with the global warming they survive our winters. At least so far. 
The above Hibiscus is a tropical plant that my neighbor gave me when she was moving into a condo with no room for such a large plant/planter. I didn't really want the plant but the container came with it and I did want the container. After it started blooming I can see why she wanted it to perpetuate. It is a gorgeous bloom.
What all is blooming in your garden? You can share your blooms with me and others from all over the world at Carol's May Dreams Garden where this meme of many years has flourished. Do share...

The rest of the story...Other blooms in my garden:
Russian sage
Lambs Ears
Geranium 'Rozanne'
Geranium 'Biokovo
Hostas of all sorts, mini and tall
Balloon Flowers
Coneflower 'Magnus'
Hydrangea 'Annebelle'
Hydrangea 'Strawberry Vanilla'
Hydrangea 'Silver Blue'
Daylily 'Tetrina's Daughter'
Daylily 'Nowhere to hide'
Daylily 'Song Sparrow'
Daylily 'Ditch Lily'
Tall Lily 'Mahogany Red'
Tall lily 'Tango Blend'
Carpet Rose
Rose 'White Dawn'
The Datura bloomed last night for the first time.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Garden Right Now - Going into Summer

Michelle at Veg Plotting started a meme of My Garden Right Now back in March. At least that is when I came upon it. I enjoyed the meme so much and she has resurrected it during the Chelsea show. So I am playing along.
I tried to get the same views I showed during March. You can see the garden as it looked then by clicking here.
The following is a little wider look at the veg garden. Not much happening  here now. The tomatoes are very small, the broccoli has been eaten by the rabbits. I have tossed a few seeds in here. We will have to wait to see what pops up. 
As you can see we will have plenty of grapes for jelly and the birds.
This area has really filled in as you can see. A lot of green in my garden now.
Along this path that was lined with daffodils there is all sorts of things up.
When I see pictures of my garden I realize it would be nice to have more of the color wheel in the garden. If you look closely there is a tall yellow lily blooming and some purple iris in that background plus the tree leaves of red. I guess there is more color than I thought. Green is a great variant.
How is your garden right now?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chipmunk Chicanery

About four years ago a Chipmunk tried to move into our garden. It wasn't here very long. I don't know if the Gray Squirrels chased it away or if Annie made it's life so miserable it decided to move on.
This little guy seems to have little fear. You can see the draw to the little rascal. All the dropped bird seed. He loves to tear through the potted plants looking for goodies.
He doesn't seem a bit intimidated by larger birds such as the female Redwing or the more to scale House Sparrow.
He fills those chops and then high tails it to his burrow.
Not so cleverly hidden right beside the hose hanging on the house. Now if I know it is there, we know that Annie knows it is there.
While Annie can look like the picture of tranquility she can and will dig a hole to China attempting to capture a burrowing creature. 
Add to that Annie's friend Jack is coming to visit this weekend. They make a formidable hunting pack. Jack doesn't know the words 'give up' or rest.  There will be excitement in the garden this weekend.

New Blogger, Old Blogger

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