Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - November 2017

I am quite astonished to see that I have something to offer in the line of blooms this month. Normally my last post for outside plants blooming is October and even then they are slim pickings. This year I have a few blooms to offer despite the heavy frosts that have been taking place here.  Between the frosts there has been some above normal temps and delicious rain. The roller coaster weather has given us quite a surprise. This 'Landmark' azalea was just planted this spring.
What with the drought time this summer and then this lovely rainy fall it decided to put on a show. I wonder if it will bloom again in spring when it is supposed to?? We will just have to wait to see. 
The Salvias Black and Blue and.. 
Blue Spires are keeping up the bloom cycle. They get a little protection of trees but not for long.
With the Geranium Rozanne X marks the spot. 
One of our native bees is keeping these last few blooms company. 
I also had a Red Admiral yesterday when I took these pictures. The sun was keeping the plants warm. 
I found the Red Admiral on this alyssum. It keeps on blooming. 
The Tall Aster Tataricus takes frost and keeps on blooming. I don't know why but I just love this late blooming aster that holds it's blooms up high where you can really admire them.
Most blooms are remanents such as this Tall Garden Phlox, 
Witch Hazel 
and Honeysuckle. 
Is there anything blooming in your garden this month? If so you can share them with other gardeners around the world by going to Carol's May Dreams Garden who hosts this Bloom Day meme. 

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