Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Springing Up

I just love this time of year. Plants and flowers are springing up daily. The weather has been so nice I can't hardly stand to be inside. I have walked down this same path daily for awhile. I know I did this morning but this afternoon I saw this....
 A dwarf larkspur Delphinium tricorne.This sweet plant is one I rescued from the side of the road last spring when the road crews were working on the apron of a road we travel a lot. It was sitting atop some soil they had graded off to the side of the road. I figured it wouldn't last long there so I took it home. It has rewarded me with this bloom and I believe there is another plant beside the original.
The Prairie trillium recurvatum is also finally open. It seems to like this warmer weather we are having. 
 The Mayapples, Podophyllum peltatum,  are all popped up. Some have buds on them. It won't be long and they will be blooming. None too soon for the big ole bumble bees that have been trundling through the garden lately.
 The always faithful native Columbine are opening too. This means to me that the hummingbirds should be returning at any moment.
 This has been the best year for the Iris cristata 'powder blue giant' in my garden. I don't know why that is but I am pleased to see them blooming so nice.
Do you have any surprises in your garden this spring? 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 2019

This bloom day began with a heavy veil of frost. Brrrrrrrr All of these brave flowers are looking mighty nice this morning. At least the sun is shining which makes me thing this cold spell won't last long. Today, the 15th,  is also supposedly our last frost date. Keep your fingers crossed because I sure am.

I guess I could have named this Bloom Day the Day of the daffodils. I seem to have quite a few blooming up a storm. The big yellow ones have stopped blooming for the most part.
If you look over here beyond the Spirea you can see that the Azalea is in full bloom now.
Those dark burgandy leaves really set off the azalea blooms.
There are a few other things blooming now. Like the Grape Hyacinths.
I even have a pink one but I forgot to take a picture of it.
They yellow Corydalis and Pulmonaria look pretty blooming together.
The Almond Bush is in full froth. When I went away 4 days ago it was just beginning to bud and when I returned I saw this. It made me so happy.
I hope you are happy with all your blooms this month. If you need some ideas for further planting schemes or if you are still buried in snow pop over to Carol's May Dreams Garden for a whole Linky full of fresh spring blooms. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wednesday's Wonders

Where have I been? I have been on vacation. I returned about a week ago but I can't get into blogging mode. This is sort of how I feel. A little wonky. I wouldn't call it jet lag just somewhat out of sorts. How can a vacation do this to you? Must have been the winds.
On the other hand all seems well and good in the garden. Today I decided I should at least give a report about what is going on in the garden this time of the spring. 
 This post is a little picture heavy.
 What with all the usual suspects giving their best blooms. I must say that the daffodils and hellebores aren't as floriferous as they usually are. This it the first time I ever remember the freezes and thaws took a toll of blooms but I still have enough blooms to make it feel like spring.
 Some of the other bulbs like these frittilaries have done exceptionally well.
 I must remember to move the windflowers out of the hellebores this fall. Or thin the hellebores might be a better choice.
 My attempt at red white and blue out front was thwarted by some red & yellow tulips that were mixed in. No matter I think they are all just fine together.
 More tulips out back. It seems that the paler tulips are reproducing and the reds are not. 
 My last report stated that some of the mini hostas were heaved out of the ground. They have recovered for the most part. I was pleased to find these seemly fully recovered. Grow mini hostas!
 Below is a hosta I just love in the spring. It comes out all bright and cheery. Then into summer it loses some of it's bright yellow color. I can't remember the name of this one and I have checked my records and I can't pin point which it is. Hmmmmm Oh well, I will just ogle it and not worry about it's name.
 Our Azalea is beginning to bloom. This is always such a nice sight.
 The Serviceberry tree is blooming up a storm. 
 Epimediums are blooming nice now. 
Last but not least the Yellow-throated Warblers are back in town staking out territories. It is always such a delight to have them singing in the neighborhood. 
Clearly I need to snap out of it and get some things done in the garden. I hope you all are able to get into the garden now. If not now after the blizzard passes through.

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