Saturday, December 15, 2007

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - December 2007

Slim pickins for GBBD Carol. We have our first snow to boot. This Kerria shrub doesn't look too bad flocked. I like the bright yellow with its white topping.The lonicera has one lone bud that was blowing around in the wind so that I could hardly get its picture.

There are a couple of berries still on the Barberry bushes. The poor Cardinals were doing a fly-catching routine trying to grab the berries off the ends of the Hawthorn tree. I guess I could go out there, cut them off and place the limbs around the feeders.


  1. Lisa... You need some indoor plants! We are getting snow, too, so even my few pathetic outdoor blooms will be gone by nightfall, I'm sure.

    Thanks for participating again,

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Hi, Lisa, thank you very much for your visit and comment on my blog.
    Your garden looks very interesting with buds and snow at the same time.
    Here it is cold now, but I fear we are waiting another year in vain for a white christmas.
    Have a nice weekend, Monika

  3. Lisa, you've got me beat for blooms. I have zero- but that didn't stop me from a Bloom Day post. Of course I have no idea what I'll come up with for next month.

  4. Lisa, I'm amazed at what you still have outdoors! Though I'll bet you'd be amazed at how much cold and snow we have!

    I'm a GBBD first-timer,

    Diane Sand to Glass, bloom day

  5. It's not so bad Lisa as there are a lot of garden bloggers who have zero blooms outside. You've got snow? Lucky you, here it's mostly rain.

  6. You are right Carol I need some inside blooms. I do have a kalanchoe that is about to bloom. Hopefully it will be open for January's Bloom Day. Other than that I have foilage plants inside.

    I know how you feel Monika. It is unusual for us to have a snowy christmas. This snow is already about gone since we had rain all day long.

    MMcD, I hope to have one bloom in January.

    Diane welcome to GGBD.

    Yolanda, like I said our snow is aobut gone. The snow turned to rain around 10 a.m. and has been raining all day. I wish it had been snow. Sigh

  7. Hi there, Lisa :-)

    So you didn't need the kalanchoe to bloom after all - you made it! Great to see the colour peeping through the snow isn't it? Thanks for visiting my post:-D

    Best wishes for 2008 :-D

  8. All my plants are covered in snow now, the only bloom I had were the pansies.

    Love the yellow flower covered with snow.

  9. Hi Shirl, I hope the kalanchoe blooms for January.

    I hope you have a great 2008. It won't be long and we will be ushering in the new year. My how time flies.

    Robin, lucky you to have pansies. I didn't plant any this fall. I didn't see any pretty ones to inspire me to plant them. After such a hot dry summer I didn't plant much of anything this fall.

  10. I like the barberries - they look great with snow. The poor Kerria is holding its own under the snow's weight!

  11. actually i love seeing all your snow... it makes me wish for cooler weather and curling up near the fireplace. alas, that will never happen around here.

  12. Now that's dedication, hunting in the snow for blooms! What kind of barberry do you have?

  13. Such valiant plants! Everything outdoors here is in a pout; and after this weekend, it's all well and truly buried. I love the kerria flower with the hat.

  14. Kate, the barberries are real troopers. Some don't like them due to their thorns but I don't mind them too much. I have to wear gloves to prune them.

    Hi Dave, I don't know how dedicated I am. The dogs would be mighty disappointed if I didn't go walk about the garden with them. They don't care what the weather is, well they wouldn't go out in a thunder storm. The barberry is 'Rosyglow' an old variety no doubt because it was here BM (before I married DB).

    Jodi, I have been hearing about all the snow up your way. I have a friend that is visiting in Rockport, MA and she was to come home yesterday but couldn't travel due to the blizzard.

  15. lisa, I love the color of that lonicera, here I've only found yellow ones. You may not have many blooms in your garden but you have something I will never see in mine, snow!
    Thank you for visiting my GBBD post


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