Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lady bug

Pam just posted about her lady bug invasion. I haven't had an invasion but the other evening I had one trotting around on my computer. It felt weird watching it roaming around while I tried to type. I didn't get a great photo but you get the idea...strange. My ladybug doesn't have any spots. Pams ladybug has several several spots.


  1. I had one in my bathtub the other night, of all places. I scooped her up, and took her back outside. I once spent more time than I care to admit rescuing several hundred that were inside my screened porch and releasing them. I just love the dear little aphid eating machines!

  2. Pam @ Digging says:

    It looks like your ladybug wants to blog too. :-)

  3. Lots of ladybugs live in our woodpile and when we start the fireplace and the basement warms up it seems like ladybugs show up from all over the place.

  4. O my, we have ladybug all over the place! Cute spotless one you have!

  5. I think this ladybug came in the other day when I had my window open trying to get pictures of birds at the feeder. Poor little thing. There were quite a few that tried to get in. I thought I got them all out. Obviously not.

    Yes Pam, this ladybug did seem to be a blogger. :)

    Ruthiej maybe I should look in our stick pile to see if I see more ladybugs.

    Monarchbfly I thought it odd that this lady didn't have any spots. I wonder why? It must be the type of ladybug it is. There are many different kinds.

  6. I found a ladybug in my holster. Why would a ladybug endager its life like that?

  7. Hi again, Lisa

    What a funny sight :-D

    We don’t have problems with ladybirds here but in some parts of England they have had invasions this year as you can see in this news video news video .

  8. I've had them in my office at work and here at home! Just a few. But a year ago I can still remember a lady in Charlotte on the evening news who had ladybugs invade her house by the millions - so many that an exterminating company had to come in and take care of it - then she needed a professional cleaning service. She waited two days too long to call for help. A REAL INVASION!

  9. The reason they're becoming a problem is because of gardeners and garden centres importing them from other areas as introduced species. Unfortunately, they take over the native (and useful) species and then proliferate. It's a real problem, especially because the native species are being obliterated.

    Diane, Sand to Glass


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