Thursday, January 24, 2008

Luna's 5 Meme

Lytton, who lives with Kate Smudges in Earth Paint and Life up in cold Canada has tagged Luna with a 5 meme. Since I am the Princess's Scribe I will be happy to type in her responses.1) Five Favorite Songs? Well I can tell you that about anything that Three Dog Night sings is a favorite. They are a group that has my virve and I can rock with them most any time.

2) Five Favorite Toys. Now here I am afraid you will think me weird. I don't really like toys. I had a whole basket of toys but I never played with them so my Mom took them to the animal shelter for other dogs. I was quite happy when she did this because that took the pressure off me. She no longer tries to get me to play with toys. They just make me nervous. I don't know what to do with them.I sort of think of Vinny,my little buddy as a toy. He is so much smaller than I and I love to play chase with him. If Vinny starts playing with a toy I take it from him and take it to my room where he can't get it. It just makes me so nervous when he plays with toys.I do like the bong my Mom stuffs treats into. I will work hard to get a treat out of that unforgiving hard piece of rubber.

3) Five Things I Love To Eat. Now this is a question I can sink my teeth into. As you can probably guess since I am a canine I love to eat meat of any sort. Dead or alive. According to my Mom the most disgusting thing I like to eat is baby rabbits. But I figure if the rabbits are stupid enough to make a nest in my garden I can eat those little treats they so kindly put into those fur lined nests.I always look forward to my birthday because I get my very own cupcake thanks to my very best friends. They treat me to my very own. I really do feel like a princess on my birthday. I also like the ice cream that goes along with cake. Of course I don't have to wait for my birthday to have a scoop of ice cream. I really like the after dinner mints that my Mom andDad share with me. Those sweet little York Peppermint patties. Yumm. Popcorn is one of my favorites too. I love it when my Mom and Dad toss a kernel to me. I am getting quite good a catching them. If I happen to miss one I dive right after it just in case M&D might the the wrong idea and think that I didn't want it. I want each and every kernel offered. I don't care if it is salted, unsalted, buttered or any other flavor. I just hate to miss out on what ever is being served. Then after I have that I can always have a doggie treat.

4) Five Favorite Activities. Another of my favorites is being acitve. One of my favorite things to do is to play hide and seek. Even though I am a big white dog I can find places to hide in the garden. Summer, when the leaves are on the shrubs and flowers, is the best time to do this. However I like to play this game all year. Mom laughs at me when I hide in one of my usual places and she can clearly see me. I think it is the thought that counts. We have four parks to choose from for our daily walks. One of my favorite walks is along the Wabash River. It isn't one of my longest walks but it is very scenic. I don't mind shorter walks during summer because I get miserable when it is so hot. At this park you can see the big bridge that goes over the river from the Indiana side to the Illinois side of the river.
Of course I love winter. My thick fur keeps me nice and toasty. I love to get out anyplace and walk during winter. I especially like to go to the big county park where I can run loose when it is so cold and snowy that no one else is there.

Another activity I like to do is help Mom in the garden. When she puts her shoes and hat on I head for the back door. It is my job to keep the rabbits and squirrels at bay. I patrol the fence line to make sure no intruders present themselves.

After a good walk I like to have my tummy rubbed. Actually I like having my tummy rubbed any time.
I mentioned playing chase with Vinny. Well, I will play chase with anyone. My Dad is real good at it.

Of course a girl must have her rest. I like to lie around in the garden and observe nature.

Posing for pictures in the garden, or else where is one of my jobs. I can't say I particularly like this activity but a girl must do what a girl must do to make a living.
I make a pretty lawn ornament. Mom likes me as a lawn ornament. She says I am like a garden fairy. You never know where you will find me in the garden. As big as I am I can disappear in our small garden. It is my secret how I do this. 5) What are 5 Bad Habits. Well, can a Princess really be bad?? YES according to Mom and Dad. I love to roll in anything dead or particularly stinky. I often have to go find my M&D to show them the wonderful slime I find to roll in. If I am particularly lucky I can roll just right and get it smeared all the way down my side and onto my back.
My most recent bad habit I have developed is digging. I learned this from Vinny. Vinny is a Rat Terrier/Jack Russle Mix and he taught me that it is fun to dig after the moles and voles in the garden. Mom says that we will have a battle of the wills or will "nots" this summer over this. I try not to dig but when those little creatures begin moving about I must get in their tunnels and try to capture them. They are tasty morsels you know.

When I get filthy and stinky I have to have a bath. I hate to have a full bath. I don't mind Mom taking the hose to me to get the worst off but when I have to get into the tub and get a real scrubbing I pout. Mom thinks I look like a wooly sheep when I am wet. What do you think? One of my less offensive bad habits is that I like to get paper napkins and shred them. I don't do this very often but if Mom has something particularly good smelling on her hands and uses a napkin and then leaves it within my reach...well, whose fault is that?? And my Dad particularly hates it when I drool. Now I can't help that can I?? When I smell something particularly yummy I drool. Sometimes when I get really excited about going into someone elses home, I smell all those new smells. MMMMMmmmmmm I drool so I can get a better whiff.

My worst habit is collecting fleas. I don't do this very often but every once in a while I sneak a fair collection of fleas into the house. Even I get tired of them pretty quick and want to get rid of them. I'm sorry... I'm a Princess but I have this unruly dog body and mind I have to deal with.

I had fun thinking about all that fun and even my foibles. Mom, MOM...get my brush. I think I have a bit of fur out of place. I must get my fur fluffed for my next photo op. Even though I don't like having my picture taken I must look my best.

Kate tagged most of the dogs I am familiar with but a couple I would love to learn more about are Benny from Posted from Home. Deb would you mind to do this for Benny? Another good read would be by Sherry's Zoo and Garden where Muncie lives. Muncie is a real character. How about it Sherry??


  1. I'd be happy to have Luna visit so she can munch on baby rabbits here. It's amazing the disgusting things dogs think to roll in. Once I caught both mutt & Borzoi rolling in a dead field mouse (outside). Another time, the Borzoi rolled in skunk spray. She hadn't been sprayed, because the smell wasn't that strong, but she did stink for about a week, even with a bath. I'd love to know what goes on in dogs' heads.

  2. I knew Luna was a good girl, that is the proof of that!

  3. lol... what a fun post from Luna. Thanks for transcribing it for us, Lisa!

    I particularly recognize the "I am NOT going into that bathtub!" stance, followed by the fuzzy sheep look. :)

  4. This is so cute! Luna is so beautiful and I loved reading her 5 meme list :-}. Thank you for tagging Benny - he would LOVE to play along :-}

  5. I'll play. Give me a day or two. Muncie isn't very photogenic so I'll have to come up with some pictures that show off her beauty!

    LOVE your dog!

  6. I woke Lytton up and read Luna's response to him. He thought Vinny sounded like a good friend and would love to be be able to eat rabbits (if he could ever catch one).

    Lytton thinks Luna is lucky to find things to roll around in. He also thinks Luna is a princess and must be good fun!

    Lytton figures Luna likes popcorn because of the butter. Is that right?

    Thanks for playing along!!

  7. come visit me and check out Muncie's 5 Meme.

    Thanks for the tag.


  8. Hi Luna! It's good to know you better. You have a wonderful dog life :o)

    This was fun, Lisa. I'll need to work on this meme for Chloe and Bella.

    Luna the lawn ornament. LOL! She's a sweet dog and so beautiful. My dogs couldn't survive without toys, mainly the squeaky ones.

  9. MrMcD, Poor Luna was sprayed in the face by a skunk. It wasn't fun. She tried to get it off of her. I have a recipe that makes the smell go away. I could send it to you if you want it. Just in case.

    Vero, Luna Good??? tee hee... she is very sweet.

    Kim she really doesn't fight the tub but she sure gets pouty and slinky.

    Deb, can't wait to see what Benny has to say.

    It was fun Kate. Thanks for taggin Luna. Luna will eat popcorn with or without butter. She just always wants what ever we are eating.

    Sherry, I have already been over to see what that Muncie was up to. I didn't know she was a she. I always think of Hobie who was a he.
    did what I just wrote make sense?

    thnak you Gudl. You could have Abby write a meme. That would be fun. Maybe when she is feeling better??

    Mary I will look forward to seeing what chloe and Bella have to say.

  10. A fun post and very cute Luna, just like you.

  11. Great post, Luna

    (As much as we love them, I gotta admit that dogs have some disgusting habits. The thing I hate most about the baby cottontails is that our dogs aren't very quick about killing them. The seem to enjoy food that moves and squeals.)

  12. Thanks Curtis.

    Marvin, I think Luna likes the squealing too. She has what some hunters calls a soft mouth. She really doesn't chomp down at first. It really is disgusting.

    I don't think she really wants to catch a squirrel or cat. She just rounds them up. She had the cat cornered yesterday and just stood back and glared at it.

  13. Fabulous the eyes, especially :)

  14. Luna is a beauty with a perky personality! How kind of you to do such a good job transcribing for her :)
    I can see that she makes a wonderful companion!

  15. What a lovely post about Luna. I feel I'm getting to know her quite well which is, of course, the point of this whole meme thingy. BTW it originally started as a cat meme so feel free to tag people with kittycats too. Or parrots. ;-)

  16. It was fun learning about Luna, as one garden faerie to another. I'm good at gardening, but not so good at disappearing. I should have asked her about that!! (I do like walkies in any weather, too, but I also like the AC in hot hot days.)


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