Monday, January 7, 2008

Promise of blossom

As you can see here I have a promise of a blossom. I am hoping it will be open for bloom day the 15th. It is exciting to think that this bulb that I found haning on the door knob just a few days ago is about to bloom. Well, at least it is forming a bud.
I think it is just amazing how with just a little water and light this bulb is working hard at developing its bloom. Isn't this just miraculous??
Even the sailors are righting themselves somewhat. They aren't near as tall as the bulb in the water vase. They have the same light conditions and there is plenty of water in this growing medium. Hmmmm This makes me think I should find more bulb vases to use. I must not go to the right gift shops because I don't see them often or I am sure I would have more of them.


  1. Yea for you! I'm kicking myself that I didn't get any paperwhites or yellow narcissus or hyacinths this year for forcing...might still be some at the nursery, which is reopening after a two week break. Hard to believe we're already two weeks past Christmas, isn't it?

  2. You are lucky with your bulb in water. I gave up some time ago, because I found they make it better in soil. It is a shame because I have three amaryllis vases...

  3. Wow! That thing really took off!!

    What are you spiking the water with? (heh heh, just kidding!)
    Apparently, it is quite happy!

  4. How amazing your bulb is doing so well! Shouldn't be long at all and maybe it will come out earlier?

  5. Fingers are crossed here! I'll bet the 15th will be the day!

  6. lisa: looks like the timing will be just right for bloom day. I am fascinated with your indoor blooms... I don't even try at those.

    btw, your MIL's violets are lovely too.

  7. You really have a pretty garden - it's been fun over the last few months discovering other people's blogs - a whole new world! Especially with different seasons at different times across the globe. Hope your bulbs come out soon... they'll be lovely.


  8. Hi again, Lisa :-)

    Its been a long time since I've grown a bulb like this. Looking forward to seeing it flower! I'm wondering if we will have crocus flowering through our lawn for the 15th. I see a number of bulbs pushing through :-D

  9. Isn't it fun to watch how fast they grow? The drunken sailors are looking not quite so tipsy now. That's good :) I'm looking forward to seeing your blooms.
    Your MIL's violets are beautiful! A friend just potted some leaves of a couple for me. They're looking healthy so far. It's ages since I've had any and am happily anticipating some lovely blooms.

  10. Yes Jodi, it is hard to believe it is 2 weeks past christmas.

    Vero I am going to look for an Amaryllis soon. Maybe as Kylee mentioned there might be one at the big box stores just waiting for me to plant it.

    No spiking of the water Cyndy. :)

    I am hoping for a Bloom Day Blossom Mon@rch .

    Mary my fingers and toes are crossed for the 15th to be the big day.

    Thank you for all your kind comments about these narcisiss. We will be watching for the big show. I will let you know how it goes.


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