Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Camp Greenbow Happenings

Vinny came to Camp Greenbow for a play date with Luna. He believes that his main job here is to keep watch over the feeders to prevent the squirrels from eating any bird seed. He takes his job very seriously. I wish you could see the way every muscle in his body quivers when a squirrel dares to appear. He races out the door and today he about got one. He sent it tumbling. Needless to say all he had to do is stand at the door to keep them at bay while he was here. Luna didn't go out every time but when she did they played chase around the back garden. You can see the ice collecting on the patio. UGH Vinny's Mom brought them a treat for their afternoon snack. Vinny started chewing his right where I gave it to him.
Luna on the other hand trusts no one. She took hers to the kneehole of DB's desk. Here she stayed until hers was all gone. This is serious business ya know. That little dog might have tried to get her treat.

Then we had an unexpected happening as it was raining ice. We found a totally unexpected box on the front porch. It first appeared to be full of snow. But wait, there was something wonderful inside.

A Dear Friend sent us these beautiful dessert plates and server. They have a wonderful garden scene hand painted on here.

I gathered up some other green items to put together a tea for my DB and me. What joy to receive a beautiful I love You gift. Thank you so much my Dearest Kay. I will definitely be thinking of spring as the snow flies. This is what she asked me to do while using these lovely dishes.
I can't wait until I can share them with others. I wish I could have you all over to tea on one of these gloomy ole snowy days. Until we can meet you can see the hand painted theme. So appropriate for me down to the hat hanging with the garden implements.


  1. Your wonderful post brought back memories of my pup and his fascination with squirrels. The intensity in the face in that first photo is palpable!

    Your new plates are beautiful.

    Thanks for your encouragement to Andree, me, and all others on One Single Impression!

  2. Lovely dogs....I do so hope that Luna is okay and I understand your anxiety, our pets are part of our family. I do hope that she is home from the vets soon, thinking of you both.
    Beautiful gift, something to treasure.
    Will be uploading lots of info on mason bees in March...watch my space.

  3. Pretty plates. A cup of hot tea with some cookies served on your new plates seems like just the thing to take your mind off that ice on the patio.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. Doggies...they ask so little from us and they get such pleasure out of the little things we do for them.

    That picture of her looking for squirrels needs a name. She is seriously on duty, isn't she - LOL

    Cool tea set.

  5. You could just sense his quivering! LOL! Beautiful plates... makes everything served taste even sweeter.

  6. Good luck with One Single Impression Sandy.

    Thank you Cheryl.

    Yes Carol, I even baked chocolate chip cookies for the occasion. I don't do that very often. Yummmm

    Thanks Sherry.

    Jayne you are so right about things tasting sweeter on "gift" plates. :)

  7. Good Morning Lisa,
    What a fine guest you had! Vinny is a beautiful dog. I am glad Luna had a playmate.
    Do be careful, with all the ice it would be easy to fall.
    Lovely plates! I just finished my morning apple while visiting you. It almost felt like I was sitting at your table watching your birds, enjoying your lovely tea cozy and laughing.
    Spring is on her way!

  8. Lisa, it's a good day to curl up with a book and be cozy, isn't it? Thankfully were just getting snow and not ice.

    I like your new gifts. It is so fun to get little surprises like that.

  9. Cute dog stories, and I LOVE those dishes. What a lucky girl you are!

  10. Hi Lisa,

    I've tagged you for a meme....


  11. Those are truly beautiful dishes.

    Think Spring!

    We had a 2 hour delay this morning...

    :-) Beth

  12. What brave doggies they are! protecting you and your garden from the squirrels!

  13. I too hope Luna is okay, whatever may be bothering her. We need the kind of guarding that Vinnie supplies here at Faire Garden. Kitty is just not scary enough to chase the squirrels and is half asleep when needed most. The painted picture of the hanging tools with vines is wonderful. Wish we could come for tea, also.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  14. I always enjoy doggie posts - thanks! I'm trying to wear down DH - I want a puppy this year.

  15. The plates are beautiful. The dogs are wonderful. I hope tea was enjoyable too.

  16. nice blog---i like the photos! thanks for visiting. :)

  17. Hot tea sounds wonderful.
    What kind shall we have?
    If we all pour ourselves a cup, we can have a virtual tea party across the miles!

  18. I'm all for a tea party. I'm having myself a cup right now, as it's supposed to get down to 34 here tonight -- perfect for taking off the chill. I'll be right over! Thanks for the virtual invitation.

    Your dog-guest, Vinny, and Luna looked like they were having a great time today, in spite of the weather.

  19. I'm cracking up over Vinny's exploits with the squirrels, and then both dogs with their treats :) Luna must enjoy having company.
    Those plates are absolutely gorgeous! I love the simplicity of the design. I know how much you'll treasure that wonderful gift from your dear friend.
    I'd love to come for tea!

  20. Oh what beautiful plates! I just love those.


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