Thursday, February 14, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - February 2008

Carol at May Dreams Garden is having all her loyal readers post about their blooms on the 15th of each month. This is a lot of fun so if you want to join in post some of your blooms for this month and then go to Carols blog and leave a comment so we can all come to your garden and drool over your buds and blooms.

Unfortunately this month I don't have much to off in the line of blooms. I won't bore you with the Kalanchoe that is still blooming from last month as it is still blooming but not a vigorously. If you want to have a look at it you can here. I walked around today and found only a few buds on the Red Head Pieris (Perisjaponica 'Red Head'). This slow growing ever green bush is trying to set some buds even though it is so cold. The only other thing that is blooming around here are the Snowdrops and I have shown them a couple of times already. I can't help myself they are so appreciated this time of year. If you need a Snowdrop fix you can look here or here.

As you can see even though we are having some sunshine and blue skies we are still in the grips of winter.

While outside I was surprised by a golden glob of what I thought was a mushroom of some sort. Lookie here says I to myself I have found something I have never seen in my garden before. It appeared to be coming right out of the leaf litter. Sure enough it did..I got real brave and reached down to see what it felt like and discovered it was a hunk of styrofoam of some sort. I wonder where in the world it came from?? Were you fooled too?? Somebody please say yes.. Idon't want to be the only one.


  1. Lisa, it looks like old cheese to me. Maybe you didn't have your glasses on? I don't know if I would have been fooled or not. Hard to say, but it is unique picture for bloom day. I'm laughing now to think that you are probably the only one with a picture of an old piece of foam for bloom day! Ah, winter!

    But, I do know how you feel about your snowdrops. I think I'm going to plant some next year to keep my little crocus company.

    Thanks for joining in on bloom day, such as it is for us in the wintertime!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Lisa, I'm sure it looked fungi, after all you found some the other day. What a disappointment!! But I would save the pic and put it in your garden journal!

  3. Lisa, you guys definitely got the worse end of the weather stick. I hope the ice doesn't damage more of your trees.

    I can't imagine that I'll have anything, not even a crocus, in bloom outside. I'll go out tomorrow and look just to make sure.

  4. Lisa, I'm not laughing a bit. Nope *giggle* I wouldn't dare laugh because *tee hee* I once nurtured a dandelion *snicker* that I thought was a gazania that had miraculously *ha ha* survived winter. Looks like fungus to me! Yeah. Fungus.

    I like your Pieris. I have almost bought some several times. Maybe I'll have to do that this year.

  5. I agree with Carol, looks like old cheese. I like your snow drops and considering of planting some this fall.

  6. Winter makes the view become very special~!!!! So great photos sharing, thank you.

  7. Lisa...With my poor eyesight, I would have thought it was a lovely fungi also, but it looks like that spray on insulation from a can. My better half loves that stuff and it blows in the wind, being so light and is an odd color and assumes weird shapes. The shape shifting fake fungi! You could write a great marketing spiel, "Now have your own fungi, any shape you want, lasts forever!"
    Frances at Faire Garden

  8. You are welcome Carol. I always enjoy bloom day.

    Tee hee I did have my glasses on when I found that styrofoam. I guess I was just hopeful to find something interesting for bloom day.

    Yes Beckie, this is one for the books.

    I am not reallly complaining about the weather. Where my Sister lives it was much worse. Their electric keeps going off while they take down trees that are lying on the electric lines.

    Kylee, it was funny, even to me. I felt so silly.

    Curtis you won't be disappointed with the Snowdrops.

    You are welcome Michico.

    Frances, this just goes to show you see what you want to see. I still don't know where it came from. It probably came with some of the storms that have gone through here. We have had fierce winds as you know.

  9. Lovely post and I had to I wasn't fooled..did you have your glasses on?

  10. Yes I am fooled by some litter that blows into the garden and this sponge can fool one! Love the ice on the branches..lovely photos!hugs NG

  11. Oh, too funny about the pseudo-fungus, Lisa. It's kind of colorful, anyway! You have fantastic "ice plants," at least, and some buds to provide the promise of spring. Let's hope for a milder March Bloom Day.

  12. Too funny! I thought it was fungus right away (seeing the picture before reading the text, as usual). But I would not have touched it! I would have thought it was fungus for months.

  13. Great blooms and nice pinks!

  14. Lisa, actually I thought "why is she showing us a bit of cheese?"but I might admit that it could look like a starnge looking mushroom.

  15. Hi Lisa,

    I wouldn't mind seeing your Kalanchoe again. A bloom is a bloom...

    Robin at Bumblebee

  16. I was thinking cheese too! Maybe it's a piece of the moon that broke off!

  17. Lisa,

    I love the 'Red Head' Pieris and even the sight of icicles is good - to me that means that there's been a melt. (we haven't had one here for months!)

    The yellow blob - on first impression, I thought it was some weird fungal thing that had fallen off your felled tree. I would never have thought styrofoam!

  18. Cheryl you aren't the only one that was wondering if i had my glasses on. Yep, I had em on.

    Thanks NG, Hugs back atcha.

    Nan, I am hoping for something tall and yellow for March. We will have to wait to see what those March winds blow around.

    Chuck, I often touch things in the garden. I like texture. I was really surprised this time.

    Thanks Layanee.

    Thank you for thinking my way Gintoino. Cheese wouldn't last long in my garden. Luna would find it fast and eat it.

    Thanks Robin, you can look at the kalanchoe at the link I provided.

    David, I hadn't thought about it being part of the moon. I might have to dig it out of the trash bin. Ha...

  19. Yes Kate all the ice melted away today. It won't be the last of ice according to the weather man today though.

    It is a logical thought that the fungus could have been off the felled tree. However nothing very logical happens around here. :) I truly think it blew into the garden on one of the forcefull winds that have blown through lately. Or as David said, maybe part of the moon fell. :) I kind of like that explaination. Or perhaps the garden fairies were trying to get the foam into their abodes since it is so cold here and they got worn out trying to carry it or they had to drop it and hide when I came outside. Hmmmm...

  20. The fairies theory ... I like that one. Or, maybe it's a chunk of insulation from the shuttle ...

  21. Yes Kate, Shuttle foam. I will run that one by DB. He likes space things. tee hee

  22. I’ve left a thank you to you/for you at my site!

  23. I would be fooled for sure. I always have to call my sister for ID purposes. Fungi can look so weird it's hard to know sometimes.

    The only thing I had to post was the bouquet of roses Prince Charming had waiting for me when I came home. And then, the internet was down. Wasn't meant to be.....

  24. Hi Lisa,
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your comment made me find your blog and that was really nice. And fun too - your muchromm-bloom made me laugh. Things like that happens to me - the other day I thought I say some tiny white flowers underneath the magnolia. When I came closer, I realized that the "flowers" were crushed egg shell from the compost...

  25. Nina, Thank YOU. You certainly make my day.

    Sherry I hate to hear that not only do you not have blooms to post but your internet is down. Boooooooo.

    Katarina I am so happy to hear someone else has miss-identified something in their garden. I don't feel so blind now. :)

  26. At least you still have Kalanchoes to provide some nice, bright color indoors, and your sweet snowdrops outside. Thanks for the 'fix' :) Mine are buried under snow, but I know the shoots are up.
    Your mysterious yellow foam at least gave you some color and a topic of discussion :)
    Buds on anything is encouraging! I'll look forward to seeing your Pieris Red Head.

  27. Lisa, what lovely photos for GBBD.

    I too would have been fooled by that styrofoam -- for sure!

    Btw, what is a DB? It's a person but what does it stand for?


  28. HI Kerri, YOu at least had more blooms than I indoors. :)

    Diane, DB is what I coined my husband. I often call him Dearly Beloved. I am glad to read that someone else would have been fooled by the styrofoam. Ha..

  29. You know, I once had some "fungus" like that in a flowerbed. And, I did a double-take, too! ;-) Guess we're all ready for Spring.

  30. I was fooled, too! But I think that you should have showed the snowdrops anyway. In February, can we really get enough of snowdrops? :)


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