Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ice Shower

Yesterday I looked out and found that our garden had been showered with ice balls. So my trusty mutt, Luna, and I went out to see what things looked like. It was so overcast and dreary. Most everything looked pretty sad.

The log planter was full of ice.

You can see that the largest of the sedums I planted in it was barely peeking out of the ice.

If you would like to see the log planter not long after I planted it you can go here to have a look.

The ice did magnify the object that it encased. My little (18" tall) rock that I call my monolith (use your imagination here) shows its beautiful pattern.
Of course the evergreens were catching the ice balls as it came down.
The poor Autumn fern was loaded with ice. This tough fern has obviously stayed fairly green through out what ever OleMman Winter has cast upon it. It just makes me want to plant more of this beautiful fern.
My poor hellebores are looking worse for the wear. I do hope they can snap out of this set back. I haven't seen any buds on them yet so they may be ok.I just hate to see them beat down like this since they were looking so perky. They have more light now that the pine trees are gone.
The garden bench didn't look very comfortable with a coat of ice but you can see how the pattern around the edge is accentuated.
The little bits of color in the garden seemed more vibrant with a coating of ice. The half piece of bowling ball in the urn seemed lively. As did the red gazing ball. You can really see the ice balls that came down. It made driving trecherous.
I seem to like round objects. A small pink gazing ball. I have several round garden beds too.
And last but not least a red finial on the fence post. I just thought a little color would be nice after an ice bath.
Just seeing some color makes me feel warmer.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Stay inside and dream thoughts of warm colorful gardens.


  1. The ice is pretty but treacherous, hope you didn't slip while snapping the photos. You do seem to have a thing for colorful round balls, but I love your monolith! A brightly painted piece of furniture or wooden or metal would enhance the winter garden's interest, think of Jodi's blue arbor. I need to do that too, paint something a favorite color, even a planter with nothing in it.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. We did have quite the weather yesterday, didn't we?. I think you got more ice than we did, though we had our fair share of that "wintry" mix. I haven't looked outside this morning to see what happened overnight, but just seeing your pictures makes me want to go back to bed and sleep until spring!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Seeing everything encased in ice makes me sort of sad. Can't wait to see that log planter in the full sun with plants thriving. :c)

  4. Lovely post, would love to hear more about your beautiful dog. I know I say it everytime he is in one of your posts, but I just love dogs.
    Aren't ferns just so reliable, and when the fronds start to uncurl, quite exquisite. I am sure your hellebores will be fine, they are tough old things. I have many here, and they put up with all sorts. The ground has been frozen solid here for around ten days and we have a high water table. Its amazing how plants cope.
    Have a fun weekend and lovely walks with Luna.

  5. Tiresome weather, isn't it Lisa? WE had a little snow last night, which is fine with me, and it's just hovering around freezing, which worries me as I don't want another melt and ice cycle here! Things d look lovely though--all hobbly and nobbly!

  6. Lisa, I'm sorry you got more ice. We've had a lot this year too. Just think, though, spring is nearly here. Sorry about your hellebores.~~Dee

  7. Ice really creates beautiful images and you have really beautiful photos of that work. If only the ice wasn't so dangerous.

  8. Lisa, despite the negative effects of the ice, it adds such beauty to your winter landscape. I love the textures and colour. Those gazing balls look like huge jems set in platinum. You are a quilter - just not with fabric.

  9., but you made even the ice looking inviting!

    Those deer on the post below should be made into a Christmas card. So cool....

  10. Sorry to hear about the ice! Although they make great photos, they do blur your garden ball! Great job as always!

  11. Lisa, when the ice gets you down, keep looking at your gazing balls. I love them! They certainly brightened my evening. Covered in ice - just lovely. It will all melt soon and you'll be busy digging away...with Luna by your side, soaking up the sun.

  12. I'm so sick of ice!! This has to be the iciest winter for us - every driveway has a large sheet of ice at the street end. I did enjoy seeing your ice pictures, though - especially those of the colored balls.

  13. We're having a Beautiful, sunny day! It's so nice, I could wear "shirt sleeves!" (oh, it's not really that warm!) But, the forecast... well, it's still Winter.

  14. Yikes - ice! You still managed to find some lovely color, glazed with ice, but color.

  15. Wow... treacherous, but so pretty. I particularly like your log planter like that--it looks like it's been "sugared!"


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