Friday, February 29, 2008

Storm Damage Plan

All right gang I am beginning to obsess about the storm damaged area. My mind in leaping from here to there. At first I felt a bit overwhelmed with the change. As change that is forced upon me usually makes me draw back. Which is good I guess. I have had a few weeks to think about this, I will continue to do so no doubt. I am happy to say a plan is beginning to ooze over the wall of disblief, denial, anger and disappointment. This is how this are looked this past spring. Of course this isn't quite a fair comparison since the following picture is winter but you can sure see the stark difference.What got me to thinking was that the tree people came to remove the stump. I have to fess up. I have been having visions about a stump project, more on that later, but we had them free-up the stump and they moved it a bit. Not to where I wanted it of course. I was at work when this happened and the translation got lost some place between there and the garden. Oh well. The most difficult part is over. It is free. The only bad part is that it is now sitting on top of a bed of Ostrich ferns. If we get it moved soon enough I don't think they will be killed. Can you actually kill Ostrich Ferns?? I guess I would at least pout if someone put a stump atop of me.
I have decided we will start with as near of a clean slate that we can. DB has his job of removing the huge yews at the end of the patio. He actually wanted to do this a couple of years ago but I just wasn't ready to let go of them yet. I am so glad that he is still of the mind to rip em out.
The poor leaning tree is actually a beautiful Lilac Tree. The tree removal men were licking their lips and oiling their chain saws just waiting for the nod to take her down. Sorry, I couldn't do it. Her bark looks so pretty especially during winter and it smells so good during spring. With the pines gone it might even fill out toward the other side and have oodles more blooms.
The fence is an issue at this point too. I am not sure just what we will be doing with it. I am wanting new fencing yet it will be so easy and economical to just replace what is here. I hope to hide it anyway. Hmmmm

This sketch below is how I see things devleoping. I want a new arbor at the end of the paito so we can still exit this side of the patio, only in style now. I am seeing Whitacha Blue Junipers close to the house. A Pieris or some other evergreen at the end... I have lots of thoughts. I just decided to put it out here. It feels so much more concrete when I think out loud. Does anyone else see a hedgehog here, or perhaps a bear?? I am seeing all kinds of opportunity. :)


  1. Lisa, what are you doing up so early? Back to the post, your plan on paper looks wonderful. The blue evergreens will be great, however watch out for spider mites on them, they are very prone, but it is an easy fix. hit them hard with the hose when there is no rain for a week. Even daily water in the foliage will prevent those sucking killers from laying eggs. I love the arbor idea too. Glad DB feels like taking our the yews, they have quite a root system. Can't wait to see what you end up doing there.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. That area is going to look so different and sunny now without those pine trees. I like the arbor idea, as it directs you were to go. And I agree getting rid of the yews is a good idea, too.

    There is a lot of work there, but I'm sure you'll have fun with the replanting of your new garden area.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Hi Frances, I hope to be able to sleep next week. Long story...
    I will keep a look out for those pesky spidermites.

    Carol, I am almost looking forward to the work. A little overwhelming so it seems right now but exciting. I want a clean slate so the yews are going.

  4. Hi Lisa
    I think you plan is going to be wonderful .. it is a lot of work but the satisfaction you are going to get out of this project will be great.
    I wish I had the room to do something similar to your ideas .. looks GOOD to me !
    PS .. blue evergreens .. beautiful !

  5. Lisa, great comparison photos. You got exactly the right spot to compare the 2! I, also like the arbor and your drawing. Such talent! It must have skipped me.

    The area does look bare! I hadn't realized you last that many trees. But how open and sunny now. I wonder if the sun will be too much for your ferns. They are a shade loving plant. Keep thinking out loud! You still aren't sleeping!?

  6. Sounds like great things afoot in your garden space this spring. Loved your drawing in your journal.~~Dee

  7. Thank you G4M.

    No sleep yet Beckie. One more day maybe. I will be off the meds.

    Thank you Dee. Sometimes I do better if I put it on paper. I can stop tinking about it for some time. Ha..

  8. I'm a bit behind in blogreading, but I gotta tell you this is a great post of plans, Lisa. The ostrich ferns can be moved if need be, but they'll probably be fine--there will be enough rhizomes through the ground that they should just come back up regardless of what has been on them. It's going to be fun watching you put your plans into actuality in the coming months.

  9. Hi Lisa
    You certainly have a lot of work ahead. We lost a lot of oak trees last autumn. At first I was devastated and couldn't see how I could fill the space. Over these last few winter months I have already planted acers, hollies and junipers. Amongst them viburnham, and hypericum. All underplanted with ferns. Its been hard work but I am hoping by this time next year I will see some stunning results.

    Please go to my blog to see an owl carved out of an oak trunk. Its made a beautiful garden statue. It was done by a young artist with a chain saw beleive it or not.
    Hope lovely Luna is well and happy.

  10. Very nice plan! Don't forget to pick out nice things (Clematis) to grow on the arbor. It's going to be quite different, but great in a new way. Isn't it fun to have something to look forward to? BTW I really like your acorn ornament.

  11. Wow, that IS a LOT of damage but I can you aer handling it admirably and creatively. Can't wait to see what you all do.

  12. Lisa, you did a wonderful job with your sketching; I'm so impressed!

    Living in a newer newer neighborhood with no mature trees, I can certainly understand the grieving over your lost trees. In the end though, I think you'll be glad it happened. I can't wait to see this area transform!

  13. MrMD, I am thinking about clematis. I would also like to try a rose. I am gonna watch to see if I think there will be enough light now. I believe there will be. Oh yes, I am reallly looking forward to messing and gomming outside.

    Thanks Robin, I am looking forward to what is going to evolve. Like your clean slate, I am looking forward to new things.

  14. Although I enjoy the shade I wouldn't mind a storm taking out a maple or two here!

    Our neighbor lost a huge willow this winter, and with it we lost a bit of privacy. :(

    Your drawing looks beautiful. What an exciting project you have!

  15. Lisa, I love that you are already conjuring up in your mind what the possibilities are for that space. It is very different, and sad in many ways, but I know that you will make it even more lovely than it was before.

  16. Hi Lisa,

    It's exciting to see your plans and I am looking forward to seeing how you develop the area. The tree was a big loss, but it is an opportunity for a new planting. I love your drawing with the arbour. That's a great idea!!

  17. Wow Lisa, sounds like you're going to have a busy spring this year! I will enjoy seeing how your project proceeds.

  18. We're all told to make lemonade when life gives us lemons, Lisa, and between the ideas and the sketches you've mixed up one big pitcher!

    I love arches and arbors - now you'll have the space and light to grow something beautiful. And although the lilac tree may not last forever, right now it adds character - and bet you're right about increased sun helping.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  19. Are those hostas? I love hostas. Will it be too sunny for them without the pines? The summer picture looks so pretty.


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