Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sunny Saturday

We were able to get out in the garden for awhile today. It was such a lovely winter day we couldn't help but get out there. Took Luna to the park then when we got home we went out to measure the tree. We measured from the bottom where the bark met the ground to the top branch. DB could walk down the tree trunk for more than midway up the tree. Then he had to get off to the side to worm the tape through the branches. It measured 57'. That is a tall tree.
I sort of like the way it looks with the greenery preventing us from seeing our neighbors house and side yard. This look is giving me visions. I am thinking more evergreens so we have this lovely green all the time. I would like to remove the big yews at the end of the patio. Just give the end a different look all together.
My DB cut some branches off the tree to use as landing areas near the feeders. He hopes to get some more natural looking pictures of birds. I hope he succeeds. The birds are quite leary of these limbs right now. I am sure they are wondering what in their world is going to happen next. Poor little dears.
We also moved the potting bench up onto the patio. I don'tknow if it will stay here but I wanted it out of the way of any tree removal or fence patching activities. It needs some attention obviously. The paint is peeling. Why did I paint this thing?? I need my head examined. I hate to paint. What was I thinking?
Don't you just love these sunny winter days? This makes me think about how most gardeners, including myself, fixate on weather. It doesn't matter if I can get outside or not. I am always wondering how the weather is going to affect the garden. Like those snowdrops and crocus that should be popping up now. Where are they? Will the sun and warm weather bring them out?? Will it also force the daffodils to continue on their journey into spring?


  1. Looks like a great day to be out getting a few things done in the back yard!

  2. How true that is - gardeners fixate on the weather. All year long, we are paying attention and wondering what will happen in the garden as a result.

    Your fallen tree was big!! Oh my, no wonder the birds are confused. That's the one thing about gardening. As soon as one thing happens (like the fallen tree), the garden looks different and ideas start percolating around. It's an opportunity to revamp parts of the garden.

    I wonder if you'll consider stripping off the paint and varnish the table. It would look good.

    You are so fortunate getting out into the garden ... I am so missing mine. It looked pretty forlorn today under grey skies and covered with snow.

  3. That was a big tree. I can't wait to see what you come up with in your new garden space.

  4. It was warm here too Lisa. I love your potting bench. The peeling paint gives it a old look(I like weathered outdoor furniture).

  5. Those sunny winter days which give us the chance to do some little works in the garden are like gifts....unexpected and precious! We also had some of them in January. Today it is frosty again and I prefer to stay indoors and visit other blogs...
    Have a nice Sunday!
    BTW, may I link you to my blog?

  6. It was really balmy here too yesterday, and even felt warm in the sunshine with the highs in the 50's. Spring is full steam ahead on the way here.

    Amazing how a tree being gone changes the entire feel and look to the yard, isn't it?

  7. Yes Monarch it was a lovely winter day with all that sunshine.

    Kate I don't know what I will do with that bench. I do wish I had let it go its natural way.

    Robin, the ideas are whirling around in my head. I always want to do too many things. I will have to settle my thoughts and decide.

    Curtis maybe I can call the Shabby Chic. Ha.. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe I will just ignore it.

    Barbara I would feel honored if you link me to your blog. Have a nice Sunday.

    Jayne you are right about it feeling different. There is so much more light for one thing. I can sort of see into the neighbors garden. Not really see much but before I couldn't see anything. This means the opposite is true too. They can see a little more over here.

  8. Dear Lisa,
    Very big tree! The branches under and around the bird feeders will look pretty. Lots of possibilities for you now. The older I get the simpler I like my gardens. Easy is my idea!
    I would let your potting bench peel away. It will look "rustic" and well loved.
    The Ground Hog must have seen his shadow in your area too! I do not mind spring taking her time this year. Last year she came too soon.

  9. I vote for the let the paint peel away by itself, then you will have that natural look you like. I also agree with the more evergreens idea. That is the way my garden is heading, less work better views and there are so many interesting choices out there, not at all 'green'.

  10. I'm with Curtis, I love the potting bench with the peeling paint. It's so charming.

    That was a huge tree. I can't even fathom how it has probably changed your view. Our neighbors had some HUGE tall trees, perfectly healthy, cut down (grounds for citizen arrest in my book) and the "skyline" in our neighborhood has been dismal ever since.

  11. I love your potting bench. I've thought about building one. Right now, I use a cabinet in the garage. I'm pretty happy to have it as I had nothing before last year. Gardeners and paving contractors are obsessed with the weather. We have both in this house. Your tree definitely changed your landscape. It should give you lots of ideas.~~Dee

  12. We had a beautiful day, too, Lisa. Sunny and 65! Gave me a good reason to walk around outside and assess the state of the sad looking this time of year and what really worries me is the weather. Drought is not good. I have plans for spring but it all depends on water restrictions. They might get tighter.

    Evergreens are great. The provide hiding places for the birds :o)

  13. I'm glad y'all were able to get outdoors and enjoy. Q's got it right: Just call your potting bench "rustic" and anything goes.

  14. Hi Q, I sure don't mind that Spring isn't ready to appear. I need more time to think about my mess. The tree isn't gone yet and they won't take it out until it stops raining and dries up some.

    I might let my bench just peel. Where it was sitting it didn't make a difference how it looked. With it right on the patio, I don't know. I might do something with it. What ever it will have to wait for better weather.

    Yes Frances, as Q also mentioned, I am letting my garden go to a easier managed style. I think it is only wise at this point in my life.

    I might just let the bench go au nautural.

    Wow Mary your highs were higher than ours but I am sure it didn't feel any better to you than our high felt to me. AAaahhhh. A wonderful winter day.

    Goodness I had forgotten that the drought is still going on in your neck of the woods. Here is hope for you that the drought will break with the spring rains.

    Yes, I want evergreens. I have seen some blue hued greens that really catch my eye. I will investigate these.

    Well Marvin, I am into that rustic look. That might just be the look for my bench.


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