Thursday, March 27, 2008

Counting Blessings on a Mucky Day

This morning we got out and did some birding after we took Luna to the park for her daily walk. I didn't take my camera to the park, darn it, there was the longest nightcrawler I had seen in quite some time going across the street. It was sprinkling on us the entire time we were out.

We decided to take a little drive south of town where we look for shorebirds during spring migration. Yes spring migration has begun even though it is still spitting snow and freezing cold up north. Unfortunately we couldn't get to some of our prime birding areas because of all the rain we have been having. What you see below is the White River over a county road. No getting through here even in our truck. This photo below is the farmers field just to the left of the above sign. This road is probably a half mile from the White River.On the floatsam along the edge of the road my Dearly Beloved got a picture of an American Pipit. These birds nest way up in the mountains or out on the tundra up north. It is always a treat to find some in the fields during spring migration. There were other birds in the flooded fields too. Lesser Yellowlegs, Golden Plovers and Pectoral Sandpipers to name a few. Most were fueling up for a long flight northward. It was impossible to get pictures of all of the birds due to the rain coming down.You can be happy that you are living where you are because these people that park up on the high road are just waiting to get to their houses when the water goes down. There is a nice little community of River loving people that live along this stretch of the White River and when the water is up like this they park their vehicles up on this county road.
Some travel out to their houses in jon boats or canoes.
This is one of the houses that are being spared the flooding since it is built up high enough.
These are the less fortunate ones.
Not far from these homes is another road that leads out into a field and as you can see it will be some time before the farmers can get to their fields to plant anything or to even prepare to plant. All I can say is I am happy to be high and dry at this time. I hope you all are too.


  1. I love this post so much Lisa, aren't people absolutely amazing. We have friends who live alongside a river, the water has been up to there lounge ceiling some years. They stay focused and happy most of the time. They have my respect.
    Lovely little birdie, a bit like our song thrush.

  2. Lisa: Love all the birds you mentioned- what a treat you were able to see them today.

    I admire you for counting your blessings - the news reports have been dismal for your area and others that are flooding. Glad you and yours are safe and sound and able to get out and about. I'm counting your safety as a blessing, too.
    Meems @HoeandShovel

  3. Lisa, the forecast for the next 10 days doesn't look very promising. Rain, rain and more rain. It may be a while before things dry out. I had not seen pictures of the flooding, I'm glad you shared yours.

    Crazy weather, it may not rain a drop all summer.

  4. You sure have a lot of water there! I feel bad for those people whose homes are underwater. How awful!
    Your husband's photo of the Pipit is a beauty. How lovely to see all those birds passing through. Our summer birds are beginning to return, some welcome, some not so much (the starlings, grackles and cowbirds..that eat everything in sight).
    I enjoyed seeing your spring blooms. That Hellebore is gorgeous!
    I'm glad you liked the containers. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Yecky weather and this weather is for the Pipits! Hey great shot of the Pipit BTW!

  6. Yikes, Lisa, those high water pictures really freak me out. I have a bit of a phobia about water when it's somewhere it's not supposed to be. Sounds like the shorebirds and waterfowl are the only ones really enjoying it. I hope things dry up for you folks soon.

  7. Lisa, you are now getting all the rain you should have had last summer! I thought the fixed the White so that it wouldn't flood as much. Stay dry!

  8. Wow! Very dramatic pictures Lisa. I hope you continue to stay high and dry.

  9. Really intersting getting a first hand look from your perspective. Goodness, what a mess.

  10. So much water. Dry is feeling good today, isn't it? I hope the water recedes soon and they can all get home in a normal fashion.

  11. Lisa, those are sobering photos of people's homes not on the stilts. How often does this happen? Counting blessings is a good idea on any type of day, and you have your share of blessings with DB and your love of Luna and the birdies, not to mention your gardening. We love you too!

  12. And here I have been complaining about gray skies and cloudy weather! These pictures really put things in perspective.

  13. Lisa, Once again I admire your bravery in getting out to take all these pictures. I can only say "amen" to Layanee's comment--I will think of these pictures before complaining about a little rain here.

  14. I'm sorry about your allergies and the mucky weather you've been having. We get those floods too sometimes in April and early May. One time, the dam on our road broke, and I watched our pond wash completely away. Thanks, Lisa, for taking us along on your journey. Hope you continue to feel better.~~Dee

  15. Looks like the April Showers are a little bit early...and frequent ;-(

    Living on a river, I have respect for high ground! When the rivers swell and flood their banks, it is best to retreat--water can be a powerful force when there is a lot of it! And it always seeks the path of least resistance....

  16. You and your neighbors are very much on our minds today. Stay dry and safe.


  17. Wow Lisa, I cannot imagine living in houses like these!

    We don't get too much flooding here in Scotland but as Cheryl said there are parts of the UK that have been hit many times in the last few years. We have seen reports of the damage it has caused too. Best wishes to all in your area.

    Funnily enough there is an issue at the moment in England where a couple are living in a caravan as their house is in need of repair after flood damage. They want to block off a stream to prevent further flooding but there could possibly be 'protected' newts in this strip of water so surveys have to be done first. This couple do have records of this newt in a pond so it doesn't look good for the house at the moment.

  18. We've recently been in Missouri where they are also experiencing is devastating for families to see their homes underwater...

    The photo of cars lined along the get how a photo speaks louder than words.

    Pipit, Yellowlegs, Golden Plovers...wonderful names...I am heading to my birdbook to look them up!


  19. draught right now, is there? I'm thinkful we live in far away from the White River.

  20. Awful flooding. It reminds me of floods we sometimes get here in central Texas.

  21. I'm sorry for the folks with flooded homes, but glad to here you and yours are safe and dry.

  22. Dear Lisa,
    My husband told me about all the flooding in your area. You photos really tell the story! Nice you and your husband were able to see some spring migrating birds! The photo of the pipit is wonderful!
    I do not know my shore birds very well.
    Glad you are safe and dry.
    Much to be grateful for.


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