Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring

What a difference a day makes. Spring decided to enter into our area with sunshine, blue skies and warm temps. Believe me it was much appreciated after the past few days. The garden has fairly well drained. Just a little water in the back corner but that is to be expected. Just look how green the grass is after all of the rain.Despite the frost that covered everything this morning we had a nice little addition to the blooms in the garden. This hellebore has opened some of its lovely little blooms. Doesn't that blue sky make your heart go pitty patter. After days of gray I can't tell you how much I appreciate these blue skies.
As you can see in the closeup it has freckles. Isn't it a little cutie?? Some of the daylilies have jumped up. These are at least 6 inches tall.
The white crocus has opened. I think they are such a beautiful color of white.
On the other end of the color wheel we have black mud, and lots of it. The only tracks I could find were dog tracks. Small dog tracks and...
Large dog tracks. Unfortunately you can find these same tracks in the house on the white carpet. UGH

I want to leave you with a happier thought on this first day of spring. Just look at this Hellebore that the was stompted into the ground by the removal of the downed pine trees. It has sprouted up a big new leaf and there are several smaller leaves making their way into the sunshine. there is even a bud or two trying to form.
This poor little Hellebore won't give up so all of us fighting the elements must do the same. Don't give up. Brighter, warmer days will be aplenty soon.


  1. It looks like you are definitely into spring now. I've got to get some hellebores. I don't have any at all in my garden.I've been seeing different varieties all over the Internet. I'm making a note to self to look for some when the greenhouses open. Thanks for the photos.

  2. I'm amazed at how quickly all that water has drained away! and how lovely to see the hellebores, and your daylilies, gives me hope that spring will, eventually, toddle through here too.

  3. You are most welcome Jane Marie.

    Jodi I know you are about to go crazy with all the ice. Hang in there.

  4. Lisa, you must have the classic 'well drained soil' for that water to be gone so fast. And hooray for the brave little hellebore, he is going to grow no mater what torture is inflicted on him. And the sweet doggie prints must be a pleasant addition to a boring white carpet! ;->

  5. So glad all the standing water has soaked in... all the better for the growing things! Blue skies indeed!

  6. Yesterday, the first day of spring, was a Beautiful Day in Indiana up here in the city, too.

    Your hellebore is a freckled beauty of a flower. Mine are on the northside of my house and still tight buds.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  7. Happy Spring to you Lisa! Your Hellebore says it all! Lovely!

    Looks like you have had your April showers already! Glad all the rain has drained off...

  8. We all know that rain is benificial but wow, you got more than your share. It will dry out soon. Your hellebores are radiant.

  9. It was incredible to see how your garden drained from the last pictures. If there is any mud around, Luna and Vinny will have found it!

    Your Hellebore flowers are adorable - I love the cheerful-looking freckles.

    My blog is working now ... it took me awhile to figure out what was the matter.

  10. That hellebore sure is a cutie with its freckles!

  11. Stop showing your lovely crocus Lisa, you know I can't grow them here and I absolutely love them. Didn't your water drain away fast, we still have a bog garden at the moment.
    Such a pretty hellebore.

  12. It surely does look like spring there! Such beautiful flowers and green grass. Hope you are not getting the snow that Wisconsin is getting today.

  13. LISA:
    Wishing you the sight of golden daffodils in the sunshine on this blessed Easter weekend!
    sunkissed NG

  14. Yes, what a difference!
    Happy Easter Lisa!

  15. Lisa, we should all have the strength of a Hellibore. That's amazing.

    And, I know about the mud tracks! I have beige carpet and there's red clay out there!

    Spring has sprung! Enjoy!

  16. Wow, Lisa, what a treat to see green grass AND flowers! Thanks for letting me enjoy spring at your place!

  17. Oh my goodness! You are having Spring! Yea!! Your hellobores are beautiful. :-)

  18. I sure hope it doesn't rain again tonight. It really looks like spring down your way. I'm ready for it to get here too.

  19. The hellebore and crocus are lovely and I'm sure are welcome sights after all that rain you got. Your grass is as green as Ireland, and no wonder!

  20. Ain't spring grand?

    Actually, having grown up on the Gulf Coast which does not have distinct seasonal changes, I find myself welcoming the changes that every new season brings. Still...... Spring is special.

  21. Lisa, Oh that blue sky. What a welcome relief for you. That green grass amazes me. After all your snow and then the rain... that's why I love rain... it holds so many restorative factors.
    Happy for the blue, the green, the color and the blooming you are finally getting to see. Your heart must be leaping at thoughts of days to come.
    Meems @ HoeandShovel

  22. What fun photos, they make me think of the old Disney reels we saw in science where they would do stop action of plants sprouting. I am not familiar with hellebores, they sure are pretty. I love daylilies, I haven't seen any around here.


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