Saturday, March 1, 2008

Garden Bloggers Muse Day - March 2008

Garden Bloggers Muse Day was started by Carolyn Gail over at Sweet Home and Chicago Garden. My contribution will not be an original but Emily Dickenson who was so attuned with life in her little world and usually has something to say that I can relate to. I hope you do too.

March is the Month of Expectation.
The things we do not know-
The Persons of prognostication
Are coming now-
We try to show becoming firmness-
But pompous Joy
Betrays us, as his first Betrothal
Betrays a boy.

... Emily Dickenson


  1. Happy March!
    Nice to see buds.
    May your days be full of sunshine and flowers.
    Wonderful poem.

  2. Happy March to you too Sherry. March is sure making a graceful entrance this far.

  3. Happy March! Dickinson's poem is perfect for the day. It's coming in like a lion here in Nova Scotia. :p

  4. I love Emily Dickinson's poetry! Although March (or part 2 of Farch) is interminable here. As Nancy says, it's coming in like a Lion--or a Tasmanian devil--here in Nova Scotia.

  5. Love the poem, have not read that before. Beautiful buds. Nice post.

  6. You poor lambs Nancy and Jodi. I just hate that you can't feel the sun and the wind out of the south has been wonderful. Your time will come.

    Thanks Cheryl.

  7. Normally, March is a month of expectation, but this year all I expect is more snow - Aaaaagghh! Glad to hear that Luna is responding well to the meds.

  8. Thanks MMcD. My Grands live in WI and they are sick of snow too. I know you are up in that snowbelt that is tightening around the area. Hang in there.

  9. This is such a wonderful poem and it is hard to believe that it's march already! Shouldn't be too long before we start seeing the birds puring in!

  10. Lisa, I hope all you Northern bloggers will forgive me if I indulge in some 'pompous joy' over the March daffodils and iris.

    That was a fine poem for Muse Day!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. Lisa,

    Great poem! I like the first line because it's so true...March is the month of expectation.

    I wish you lots of sunshine and blooms.


  12. Hi Mon@rch, we had our first Turkey Vultures and some Robins yesterday. Birds are on the march.

    Annie, I have felt that Pompous Joy ever since finding the first crocus. :)

    Thanks Mary, I hope to revel in the relative warmth until tuesday when it is supposed to snow again.


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