Sunday, March 9, 2008

Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show

I had the opportunity to go to the 50th annual Indianpolis Flower and Patio Show this weekend. I went Saturday morning with some friends. I don't go very often. The last time I went was five years ago so I was highly entertained with my browse through the show. There were lots of the typical water features, as above, and a few of the not so typical water features like the one below with the alligator dancing in the water fall. There was even a water feature for those that like that clean cut contemporary look.After sifting through some of the 450 vendors to see the garden displays my main impression of the show was that fire has become a necessary ingredient in the garden for many people. It appears that these fires are not to be used as in grilling or roasting hot dogs etc. They are to be viewed. Up close as this fire that is set into a table top or from across the patio as in the picture above where three seperate flames are poofing up out of the wall.
Mixing fire and water is a current theme as well. The closer they are together I guess the easier it is to see the juxtaposition. Or maybe it just makes you feel safer to have water so close to your fire.
I am sure there is a reason for this. It was just lost on me. I guess I just like the look and feel of a woodfire burning. I did admire the fancy fireplaces that were displayed.

There were displays of beautiful fresh flowers by some of the local florists. You could also purchase lots of fresh flower bouquets. All so very tempting.

If you want to see more of the shows garden exhibits you can look here. This site even shows some of them being built. I was a little disappointed that most didn't have a few more forced flowers in their displays. On the other hand I was reassured that I want heather in my garden next winter. There were severalcolors of heather blooming their little arms off.
All in all you could see all the hard work and craftsmanship that was on display. You could empty your pocketbook while filling your head with lots of garden ideas.

I am sure your last question is "Did you buy anything?". To answer, "yes". It isn't anything to do with what I have pictured here but that will be a post for the future.


  1. Lisa, so glad you got to go. I was worried the weather might stop you. Looks like you saw some very interesting displays. Like you, I think I like fire outside for sitting around roasting hot dogs!

  2. I also haven't been for a number of years, mostly because so many of the vendors there seemed to be selling a lot that wasn't really gardening related. But there are some vendors there I'd like to visit, like Hoosier Orchids, so maybe I'll go some night this week or next weekend.

    And your pictures do seem to lack some of the blooms I've seen in previous years. Hmmmm... maybe they are more interested in showing off their stone work?

    I'm looking forward to your follow up post on what you bought!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. It would have been fun to meet up although I didn't make it to the show over the weekend. I hope to go tomorrow, or it may have to wait until Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

    Your water/fire features look like very similar to the ones they had last year.

    Hopefully tomorrow won't be crowded and I can take my time looking around and taking pictures.

  4. Thanks Beckie. I did enjoy it.

    Carol, I thought of you when I saw a couple of bonsai trees in a display. I could have posted a few more pictures. I guess I wasn't motivated to take pictures much before I got to the stone works. The garden displays were difficult to find with so many vendors squashed up so close to the displays.

    Robin, it will be good to go when there aren't so many people milling around. I didn't take some pictures I would like to have taken because of so many bodies in the way.

  5. Mom and I are going on Tuesday. Are any of you other Hoosiers going to be there that day? If so, then I'd love to meet up with you for a bit!

    Thanks for the preview, Lisa!

  6. Some pretty displays, though like you, I don't "get" the need for fire with water feature. Can't wait to see what you purchased Lisa. :c)

  7. So...worth it all in all? Can't decide if I should fit it into the schedule this week or not. Might making an interesting field trip for the kids...... Wish we could talk Auntie Carol into taking Tuesday afternoon off.....

  8. Dear Lisa,
    Glad the big snow storm did not come your way.
    I seldom go to the flower show any more. I used to. It just has not been very innovative in the past few years.
    I would love to be part of the group that designs the show. I would invite "how to" displays.
    What I would love to see is a show that had all the different styles of gardening...rain gardens, growing native, companion planting, container gardening using herbs... I could go on and on.
    I could be a consultant! LOL!
    Looking forward to seeing what came home with you!

  9. Lisa, thanks for letting us join you, especially those of us with no shows to attend. A lot of the displays you showed seem unnatural, although I like the fire and water idea in theory. There are some back yards, we won't call them gardens, with a pool and lots of hardscape that look pretty with those fire things. We have a little clay fire pit that we like to burn saved wood from prunings in when the clan comes at Thanksgiving, but we do marshmallows and have fun adding stuff to the fire. You wouldn't be able to do that with the gas ones. I am curious as to what you bought, however, do tell soon!

    Frances at Faire Garden

  10. Really interesting Lisa, and so different from our garden displays. Like you I am not sure of the fire thing. I have never seen anything like that it here.
    Will be interested to see what you did buy?

  11. Can't say I'm a fan of all the manufactured-looking hardscape, but it looks like fun checking out the latest trends.

  12. Kylee, wish I could meet you on tuesday but that is one of my days to work.

    Jayne, It may be awhile before I unveil my purchase. It will take some doing to use it. Not plant material I can say.

    Sherry, there is a delightful corner of displays with children or the young at heart in mind. The anchor is a Disney garden. There were several princesses and a pirate to greet children. There are several gyms set up. A garden with a treehouse...

    Sherry (Q), I would love to tell them something of setting up the gardens to be more accessible. I am sure I missed a lot by not being able to easily find all the major gardens that were there. They made it difficult to find them amongst the junk for sale. I think I like real garden tours best.

    As I mentioned before Cheryl, I didn't buy any plant material. It will take awhile to get it set up.

    Lintys, it is always interesting to see what the latest and greatest is in the eyes of the designers.

  13. Lucky, lucky, lucky you! I've never been to a flower show, and the closest I've gotten is reading Katie Fforde's Wild Designs. :<) Your post was wonderful for me to see. We have one of those fireplaces, though not fancy or expensive, and we can't use it near the house because the smoke gets into the house via the open windows. So we've put it away from the house, and I hope to make a garden and sitting area around it. When you write 'water feature' I can hear Charley (sp?) on Groundforce saying it. Thanks so much for the tour. I was rather fond of the long, spare looking pool.

  14. All those people who put in fire pits are going to be in for an unpleasant surprise - a new group has formed against fire pits & outdoor burning of any kind. I wouldn't be suprised if it makes its way to Indiana by summer. They do have a point - we're all concerned about global warming, but then what do we do? Burn carbon. The other objection is from people with asthma who have difficulty breathing when their neighbors are burning wood in their fire pits.

  15. Hi Lisa,
    That looks like a fun show. I like the first water feature best--that looks like something even I could achieve by myself!

    Those fire features are pretty amazing. I'll try not to think of them when I'm enjoying my backyard recreational fire in its fire ring of retaining wall blocks ;-)

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