Monday, March 24, 2008

Minatures in bloom

Trying to pick a bouquet of flowers for a bouquet to take to my Sister's house for a hostess gift was nearly impossible yesterday. The wind blew cold it was overcast and we had snow showers with hail thrown in for a wintery mix. Did someone say it was spring? Sure could have fooled me. Our purple crocus finally decided to bloom. They bloom a little later than the big yellow crocus. This is good so we have a few spots of color around for a longer time.
The minature daffodils are the only daffodils that dare show their pretty little faces in this kind of weather. I did manage to pick a few to put with some pussy willow for a minature bouquet.


  1. Lisa, the crocuses and daffodils say Spring is here! Ha! For some of us not quite yet! Thanks for commenting on my haiku at One Single Impression. :)

  2. Pretty pictures ! .. and you are much closer to Spring than I am .. snow-bergs every where .. no green what so ever in sight !
    Love the "mini-me" daffs !

  3. It's too early in Spring to be able to make another another than a bouquet for mice. Your mini daffs are very cute. How weird you had such yucky weather. I was in Dyer, Indiana yesterday, where it was dry & sunny. Back home it was sunny & just warm enough to start melting the new snow.

  4. Lisa, they're so pretty!

    So far the only bulbs I've planted here are daffodils. Starting a large garden from scratch, by the time fall gets here I'm a little burnt out from digging in the maple roots all spring and summer. But this fall for sure!

    Nothing will be blooming here until late April. Seeing yours and other garden bloggers' early spring blooms will inspire me enough to keep digging into the fall!

  5. Oh those purple crocus have the most awesomely beautiful color!!!

    It is spring except for here in Arizona where it feels like summer with 80+ degrees!

    Yes, you should join us for Cactus Monday.

  6. Lisa, what a nice sister you are, to bring her flowers on a wintry day for cheerfulness.The willow and daffs must have been well received. Good thinking combining those two.

  7. The miniature daffs are the first daffs to bloom in my garden, too. And I have proof that this spring is slower, as I compare what isn't blooming now, with what WAS blooming last year at this time.

    Someone tell spring to hurry up!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  8. Love your daffodils and ours have not even peaked out of the ground yet!

  9. Your miniatures sure pack a big, colorful punch for their size, Lisa. I'm sure your bouquet was lovely. so sorry you have hail - sheesh. That's miserable. My in-laws are coming from Arcadia in less than two weeks and I know they will be glad to get away from your weather there. I hope we have some sun for them then.

  10. Lisa, it looks like Spring is giving a good fight. Your flower photos are wonderful!

    We don't have the hail and snow, etc. but we're dipping to 30 tonight. That's very cold for us. I brought a few plants into the sunroom tonight and hope for the best.

  11. Beautiful crocus, Lisa. We had a few flurries today and it felt so cold to me. I'm ready for the real deal!

  12. Spring is doing a lot of teasing as she slowly moves north.

  13. Oh, they are still so very beautiful! I love spring flowers!!

  14. It's nice to see quite a few blooms in your garden now, Lisa. Spring has finally sprung! You are right, it is difficult at this of year to pick a decent sized bouquet from the garden but I think you succeeded with a nice bunch of dafs and willow. How did your sister like it?

  15. Dear Lisa,
    The mini daffs are so pretty.
    I too am waiting for the warmth of spring. Mornings are still in the mid twenties.
    April will be here soon.

  16. Hi Teach, glad you stopped by my garden blog too.

    Gardenjoy4me, I too like those little daffodils. They reproduce like crazy.

    MMcD, a bouquet for mice...funny. These little shots of color really pop this time of year.

    Gardengirl you will have to try mini daffs they bloom early and stay a long time.

    Teri, I will try to join the next cactus monday.

    thank you Frances.

    Yes Nancy, that orangeyred almost sent me to my paint box.

    I agree Carol. Spring is dragging its feet this year. However I hope it doesn't all pop out and then get frozen like most things did last year. That was a heartbreaker.

    Thanks Mon@rch, it won't be long and y ou will have daffodils too.

    Thank you Jayne and Aaron.

    At this point Diana your in-laws will be greatful just to be able to go out and not freeze or be blown away.

    Mary, I hope your plants withstood the freeze.

    I am with you Robin, I am more than ready for the real spring to come in.

    Yolanda my Sister loved her mini bouquet.

    Hi Sherry, we are all waiting impatiently for spring and warmer temps.

  17. It will be a while until we spot crocus and daffs in our area -8 this morning and snow expected later in the day! Love the splash of colour you gave the front of your home with your Spring inspired arrangement.

  18. You may not have many blooms Lisa but what you do have are so pretty.
    Hope you enjoyed your Easter and that Luna is keeping well.

  19. Ah...the daffs and crocuses are gorgeous. I feel so sorry for them in all this cold weather though.

    They are teasing us this year, aren't they?

    Surely spring is right around the corner, right there...almost.

  20. No matter how nice it is here in Austin the only crocus in bloom are forced, that any consolation to you as you wait for spring?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  21. Brrrrr Deb, -8 sounds like the depths of winter. I hope you thaw out soon.

    Hi Cheryl, All is well and good here. Easter was a major feast with family and friends. Great!

    Sherry, good to see you are back and amongst the commenting.

    Annie you bet I am thrilled to have these little crocus to look over. I love our seasons, the best ones don't last long enough and the long ones (winter and summer) are a bit too long. Never satisfied?? Really I am, I guess I am just whiny today. :/

  22. The more I see crocuses and daffodils on northern blogs the more I'm impressed at their hardy temperament. I couldn't have imagined anything could show up green and then flower as a follow-up to such freezing/snowy conditions.

    Nice for you to have the early standards- keeps hope alive for the blush of color sure to arrive very soon. AND I get to enjoy the crocuses on your blog! Thanks.
    meems @Hoe&Shovel

  23. I'm jealous! Not a single bloom for me yet. Ah, but they are getting pretty close, if we would only get more sun we have had so much rain.

  24. Lisa, Your photos of the purple crocuses are amazing--the lighting on the first picture especially is beautiful. I am definitely going to have to plant some of these this fall.

  25. Great pictures! Our crocuses and daffodils are buried under snow... /Katarina

  26. Those first blooms are a sight for weary eyes...the delicate petals, and color are so uplifting!

    So far the only flower brave enough to show it's face around here is the snow drop! (good thing though, I saw an insect visiting them!)

  27. Wow--thanks! I think I learned from your post that I may have flowerless crocus in my garden. It is a short stripey grass like the ones in your pictures.

    My miniature daffodils are also blooming--and a few blooms from the larger ones too!

  28. Hi Lisa,

    It was so early for Easter this year. My front garden which is the spring show piece was barely blooming. Now, two days later, we have super warm temps (in the 80s) and everything is popping open, even the tulips. Hope your Easter was blessed.~~Dee

  29. REally like the low angle shots like in your second shot, looks great. Mike.

  30. Those mini daffodils are adorable! The weather has been gorgeous here for the past few days--I hope you had some nicer days there as well. :)


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