Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rain, rain and more rain

Tuesday morning after I went to work Dearly Beloved got on weather underground to see how much rain we had received. Well, it was 2inches so he decided to take pictures. The water it was collecting in the places. By the time I got home from work we had received more rain. I got out and took some late afternoon pictures. Wow you can see that it isn't exactly soaking in.
In this photo taken in the morning you can see the bottom of the gate and a little bit of grass in this area.
After I got home the bottom of the gate is nearly submerged and I can't or rather don't want to walk through the water to get the same angle that DB took earlier. Vinny doesn't seem to mind. After all he saw a squirrel out here just a few minutes before. He is always on guard.
This side of the garden earlier isn't just too bad. Over behind that tree, beyond the fence is a storm drain.
A little different angle but even Luna tries to take the high ground to walk in this area. The storm drain must be full it isn't working very fast.
All of the paths in the back garden are submerged. You can see that the flower gardens have been built up over the years with compost and mulch. Water water everywhere and we are to have rain all day wednesday too. Quack quack, I mean have a good day anyway.
P.S. sorry about the water spots on the camera lens. I should have taken an umbrella out with me. duh... I am not going back out there. Don't try to make me.


  1. Now that looks like a cross between mud season in Maine (my home) and the meadows here in England (here for a year) after all the rain. Good luck dealing with the flooding.

  2. Our backyard turns into a swamp also if we get a storm. Those a great pictures, though! Hope today's rain isn't as flooding. A nice, steady rain is the best.

    We might be getting the same storm today with high winds. Gotta go outside and turn the rocking chairs down!

  3. Oh, my! Now THAT is some rain! Well, just think of it prepping your soil for planting beautiful things. :c)

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I thought about you yesterday when I saw the CNN weather forecast on my dinner break. Hope you don't get any flooding again.

  5. Hi Ladies. I just checked with and they say we had 5.55" of rain yesterday. I believe it. It is still raining this morning, thankfully light rain.

  6. We also had a very rainy night and morning, but honestly after the drought we were having I really don't minde :-)

  7. Gintonio I wish I could share some of our rain with you. I know you need it. We will need rain by the end of July or/and August.

  8. Lisa, You were very dedicated to brave the rain for these pictures. You have definitely gotten more rain than we have. Hopefully, March showers will bring April flowers!

  9. Lisa, that rain just arrived here on the east coast (Long Island) early this morning. I like your idea of taking photos of the standing water and might have to do the same thing today.

    My house already smells like wet dog, guess I'd better get used to it, it's going to rain through tomorrow.

  10. Hi Lisa,

    All this rain is certainly getting old fast, that's for sure. Hopefully we get that one good one day like they promised for tomorrow. -Jen :)

  11. Yikes! You have my sympathies. We had a 300 year flood here the year before last which followed two 100 year floods and some areas are already having early warnings of trouble this year. Luckily for me my little house is on a hill on a hill. Your photos - in this post and the others - are all wonderful as is your wry humor. Thanks for visiting Raven's Nest.

  12. That is just amazing. I hope you don't have a flooded basement. A river runs through it, like we say out here!

  13. Lisa, you are indeed a brave soul to take pictures in that. We wish you good drainage! We are having the same system here right now, started about two hours ago. Even with our steep slope, the areas between the wall and the buildings can hold water until it soaks in or I get out there and help it with the shovel to clear the ditches so it can run on down to the street. That Vinny cracks me up, on squirrel duty no matter the weather. Hope Luna enjoys his company. Flu symptoms here, no posting, only commenting and sleeping, thanks for keeping me entertained.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  14. Is it Monsoon Season with you? We were sitting at minus four degrees last night. Going around Blogland the weather seems to be crazy in many places :)

  15. My garden still hasn't dried out from last week. The grass is so long, no chance of getting a mower over it.

    Where are your ducks??

    Beautiful bookmark you made Beckie, you are an incredible artist Lisa.

  16. Rose I always thought it was April showers that brought May flowers but it doesn't seem to be the way it goes here.

    Batten down the hatches Melanie. If the rain comes to you like it did here you will be well watered.

    I don't even want to think about the wet dogs and muddy carpet. UGH

    I agree Jen, I am sick of the rain, mud and stinnky dogs.

    Thank you Raven and it was my pleasure visiting Raven's Nest.

    Luckily we don't have a basement here Quietpaths or the river would run through it.

    OH Frances I hope you don't develop the flu that puts you down for weeks. This just isn't the right time of year to get sick. Is there a right time?? Take care and get well.

    It seems to be monsoon weather Wildlife Gardener. It isn't supposed to be.

    Tee hee Cheryl. We need some ducks to take advantage of all this water. It will be awhile before I can do anything in the garden. Water is still standing although not quite as deep. Thank you for the compliment regarding my bookmark for Beckie.

  17. Oh MY! It makes me appreciate the warmth and the sun right now!

    I wonder if our zoo is now an arc?

    Those are great pictures though. But boy, it sure looks miserable out there....

  18. That's some serious water lying on your garden, Lisa - the raised beds were obviously a great idea.

    I hope the sun comes out and the water recedes soon!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  19. A good thing you don't have a low fish pond. The fish would have had access to the entire garden after that rain. I wonder what Mr. Vinny, chaser of squirrels, would have thought about that.

    The rain will end; ours did -- eventually.

  20. Good grief Lisa, what happened? Did your garden suddenly emigrate to the Netherlands? ;-)

    Great pic of a very dapper Vinnie wading through the water in your garden. I hope it all drains out soon. Keep your feet dry! :-)

  21. Nice shots of Lake Greenbow! You're lucky those dogs will go out in the rain. Too many times have I stood in a downpour with an umbrella over a little dog who just seems to be saying "I can hold it til the rain lets up." At least you don't have to worry about drought for a while.

  22. Poor Lisa, you really had enough rain for a while, I think. Hope you'll soon have some sun to dry your garden...

  23. Is this normal latewinter-early spring weather for you, Lisa? That must be part of what we got last night and today, only ours was mostly frozen, of course...But good on you for having braved all that wet to entertain us with your monsoons.

  24. Jeepers, it looks like you'll need an ark soon. I hope by now it has receded. Luna looks so dainty about walking in it.


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