Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Surprise

This beautiful little flower popped up in the front garden this morning. I have no idea what it is. Can anyone help me? There is only one. Hmmmmm Did I forget about something I planted or did a garden fairy plunk one pretty little bulb into this flower bed? It is a very pleasant surprise. Thank you to who ever did this. I hope it multiplies. Now these white hyacinths I remember planting. I had some other colors out here too but they must have given up the good fight in the drought last summer. These white ones held on. I am happy about this too.
Our Magnolia is just begging for a little bit of sun and it will be popping open. I can't wait for the show because it isn't supposed to freeze anytime soon. This year the Magnolia should be spectacular.

It is amazing how each day during the spring warm up something new is budding or blooming every day. I can't wait to get out there tomorrow and see if the forsythia is open. Just a little sunshine is all we need. Did I already say that? About the sunshine I mean. Yes, we need sun.


  1. Your first flower looks like what I call Star Flower, Ipheion. Check out this plant profile:

    Each day of spring does bring a new discovery in the garden

  2. OMG! that magnolia bud is gorgeous!!! You need to paint it. So good to see flowers in your garden.

  3. Dear Lisa,
    Goodbye March!
    May April bring you lots of sunshine.
    How nice to have a garden surprise. The birds like to garden in my flower beds and they plant all sorts of flowers. I do not mind too much but do tell them, "Location, location, location!" Hope you like where the garden fairies planted the pretty little flower.
    Magnolia bud is lovely!

  4. Oh wow... that big fat magnolia bud... WOW! What a great spring surprise. :)

  5. Lisa, I believe your mystery flower is a Chionodoxa. I've got oodles of these and they're one of my very favorites. Mine are just poking out of the ground right now. Here is a photo of some of mine.

    I'm so jealous of your magnolia! I lost one the second year I had it. :-(

    Spring has sure sprung where you are!

  6. Lisa, It might be a star flower as Carol says, but check out

    She has something coming up she calls muscari. I think the color and the leaves look like yours.
    I'm not the only one you has mystery plants that show up! I also think Ter is right you should paint the bud and then the flower!

  7. I see that your little flower has been named, Isn't it delicate and pretty. Lovely surprise.

    Hyacinths also smell so sweet, their fragrance drifts all around the garden.

    Love your magnolia bud, I can't grow them so to see your up close is beautiful. Please show us when that bud bursts.

    Envious from England!!

  8. Lisa, hooray for your flowers and hooray for a frost free magnolia year. We have a similar one budded called Jane, my mother in laws name. We bought it the year she passed away. Last year that late freeze zapped it to the ground, but it rebounded and has two big buds. You are not that far behind us with the hyacinths either, even thought your winter seems to last longer. Good for Greenbow. Don't know about the little blue flower.

  9. Hi Lisa,
    I'm glad you found your award--by the time I was done posting, it was too late last night for me to notify you.

  10. It does seem as if every day something new is budding out. I simply love this time of year for that very reason. Our weeping cherry is just full of blooms and is finally starting to open.

  11. That is the purest blue! Chionodoxa is my vote and mine always bloom here on Patriot's Day, the third Tuesday of April. Wish you were coming to Spring Fling but your plea for pictures will be rewarded!

  12. Lisa,
    I am enjoying spring vicariously through all your beautiful flowers.
    Wishing you lots of sunshine to enjoy them.
    P.S. Send the garden fairy my way--I would love to have some of these star flowers.

  13. Things are coming along nicely in your garden. I can't wait to see your photos of that Saucer Magnolia.

  14. The first flower looks like the chionodoxia. They are all very beautiful, and, I'm sure, much appreciated after Winter :)

  15. What a lovely gift from the garden fairies! And such a great color--everything flowering in my yard is yellow or white--I could use some of this mystery plant to even out the color!

  16. The flower in your first shot look lovely, really nice shade of blue, nice post. Mike.

  17. thanks CArol.

    I painted the magnolia bud. I agree it is beautiful. The tree is full of buds. I hope the bloom. All we need is some sun.

    You could be right about the birds planting this lovely blue flower Sherry. I prefer to think the garden fairies did it though.

    You could be right Kylee. It sure it a pretty little flower.

    I hope to have flowers to paint soon Beckie. Ihave some muscari in my garden but this blue flower isn't one of those.

    No need to be envious Cheryl. I would share with you.

    Yes, last year was so cold Frances. I hope we don't have any like that soon. I don't mind cool but freezing is too cold.

    Thank you for dropping by Mike and RR.

  18. I will look forward to any and all pictures of the Spring Fling Layanee. You will have such a good time.

    Thank you for the comments everyone. Love it when you pop by with a comment.

  19. I'm with kylee on chionodoxa.

  20. I hate this day, you never know what is an april fools or real! But, I do know that spring is real for sure and seeing these flowers will last forever! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Lisa, I'm changing my answer on the surprise flower to Chionodoxa. Some of mine are blooming now. The star flowers look similar but aren't blooming yet.

  22. Hi there Lisa, such beautiful signs of spring

    I suspect a little birdie is responsible for the Chionodoxa. What a lovely colour it is too. I love the hyacinths too - are they scented?

    Ah... but like everyone else that magnolia bud is a thing of beauty even before it opens :-D

  23. How nice to see that your Magnolia has healthy buds. I've seen a few on other blogs that looked really miserable. Isn't fun that more and more thiings start to flower in the garden?

  24. I think the consenses is in. The little blue bloomer is Chionodoxa. I looked at several different pictures, on the net, Kylees pics. They all seem to be the same plant. Odd that it is a corm that you plant to get these. I am telling you the GArden fairies have been in the garden. Thank you all for your opinions. I will write this in my journal.

  25. Lisa, please tell the fairies who planted your Chionodoxa they're welcome to visit my garden anytime. What a lovely surprise!

  26. Your little blue flower is definitely Chionodoxa - Glory of the Snow. Isn't it sweet?
    Lucky you to find it mysteriously popping up in your garden.
    I'd love to have a magnolia. Your bud is gorgeous!
    We badly need sunshine too and I think we're going to get some today!

  27. Isn't it nice to get a Spring surprise? I often plant bulbs and forget them during winter. And in Spring I don't remember where the place is...!! So I quite often get these little dear surprises....! What a wonderful magnolia bud!


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