Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 2008

The past couple of posts I have made were about what is blooming in my garden right now. Since I have been out of town for a day or so and it has been pouring rain since I arrived home this evening this lone Iris is all that is new blooming in my garden that I can show right now. This Iris was given to me by a friend of my daughter. I think it is such a beautiful Iris. It almost looks like an orchid to me. I just love it when it starts to bloom. This one was just a bud when I brought it in Monday afternoon. It had been broken off by a big furry dog walking by or the mower man. I stuck it into water and when I arrived home this evenign it was blooming. A wonderful welcome home. If you want to see what more is blooming in the garden right now you can look at the past two posts. Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to everyone.


  1. I love these plants and I have even seen fall rebloom on some. Sadly, I do not have an appropriate place for these. Every bloom day post seems to have one except mine!

  2. It is a beautiful iris. We had some terrible storms last night and tornado warnings and hail. Most of it missed our house, but parts of Austin and the surrounding area were pummeled. I got my pictures before it all hit, but it did break a lily of some sort that I will have to hold up to post about tomorrow.

  3. What a nice welcome home for you! My irises have buds, but no blooms yet. This will be their first year to bloom so I can't wait.
    We've had steady rain for the last two days here, too. Thankfully, no storms, though.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Very pretty iris. Don't you just appreciate a blooming flower surprise... especially when you've been away? How nice this one knew just how to make you smile.
    Meems @ Hoe&Shovel

  5. It is a beautiful iris! Iris are a favourite of mine, unfortunately they are not blooming for the moment and I couldn't show any in my GBBD. I was reading your latest posts (Time has been so short for me that I haven't read any bloggs for the past weeks) and you have such lovelly irises (not to mention all the other flowers in your garden)

  6. Dear Lisa,
    Welcome home. It is a beautiful bloom and a lovely "hello".
    My Bearded Iris are still in bud.
    The old dutch Iris from my Great- Grandmother are blooming.
    Happy Bloom Day!

  7. Beautiful iris Lisa! I miss them in my garden. There just isn't enough sun for iris to bloom here. It's ok though, because I get to enjoy yours vicariously!

  8. Your rescued iris bloom is quite lovely, Lisa, as are all the flowers in the last three posts. You've got so much spring happening there!

    A shrub I used to grow in IL just had "Variegated Weigela" on the tag - it looked a lot like yours. In the 50 X 50 foot front garden I put the variegated Weigela in sun and had a couple of variegated red-twig dogwoods in shadier spots... the leaves looked enough alike to give some unity to the garden. They survived Chicago winters that were closer to zone 4 than zone 5 so I think you're safe!

    Happy Blooming Day!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Hello from England. Am awestruck by your fantastic photos. Visiting on-line gardens has become my new hobby/displacement activity.

    I started blogging a month or so ago and found that my blog is mostly about the garden though I didn't intend it that way.

  10. Sounds like there's rain in much of the country, but not here! We have cloudy skies and a few sprinkles today, but we badly need a good soaking rain.
    Your white Iris is gorgeous, Lisa. I can imagine what a nice surprise it was to come home to. That's how I felt about all the purple Iris blossoms that had opened to greet me when on my return from work :)
    I looked at your neat containers combinations, and see that you're going to have some lovely color there when they fill out and bloom.
    Too bad about the honeysuckle and the poor little Robin's nest.
    I hope you get some better weather soon.

  11. Beautiful does look similar to an orchid. Hope the sun shines soon.
    I have tagged you today, I do hope you don't mind. Please don't feel obliged to join in.

  12. Lisa, hopefully next time you're in my neck of the woods you can stop by for a visit. You wouldn't have wanted to this time anyway, I have a nasty respiratory virus. I'd love to meet you in person some day!

  13. Thank you all for popping by for GBBD. I am glad you enjoyed the iris. I wish I could send you all a start of these lovely flowers.

    Annie, I have a Varigated Dogwood in another spot in the front garden. I am glad to hear they look good together.

    Hi Susie, Welcome to the blogging world.

    Robin I do hope you get to feeling better. What a bummer to be ill during spring.

  14. A beautiful iris -- and what a great welcome home surprise.

  15. That is a beautiful white iris, and well worth enjoying inside.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  16. The mower man of Squirrelhaven leaves similar treasures for me to find lying on the ground. Lucky for you that the Iris was only in bud so that it could open to a perfect flower.


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