Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Japanese Iris

It rained some on Monday. Not a bad thing since the house has been neglected so much with all of the outside spring chores being worked on. This pretty yellow Japanese Iris is blooming its heart out. It is a species that goes wild. I have seen these around a home owners pond and it appears to behave itself but the homeowner told me that it could be found in any watery area. I don't know the cultivar but it is very hearty. Mine is planted in the corner of the garden that can and does go under water when there is heavy rain. This beautiful white Japanese Iris is called Seagull. Of course I couldn't reisist a plant with a bird name. It is also very hearty. I have divided the original plant and scattered it all around my garden and the gardens of my friends.


  1. Lisa,

    Seagull is a good looking Iris...I only have the dark purple but this one would be a great addition to my wilderness.


  2. I can't remember ever seeing a white iris, it is certainly beautiful! Since yellow is my favorite color, you know I love that one also.

  3. Gail, I wish some of these seagulls could fly to your garden.

    Teri, glad you like the these irises.

  4. Lisa,
    I don't know anything about japanese irises but yours are beeeeautiful! I'm thinking your garden has really benefited from all the rain.Maybe that's what gave your poppy the incentive to pop out too????

  5. Hi Lisa.....Both Iris are beautiful but I love the white 'seagull'. That really is lovely.

  6. Lisa, your iris are stunning! No wonder thet have captivated you this year.

  7. Beautiful irises, lisa. But, isn't that yellow one Iris pseudacorus? Sure looks like it.

  8. The white iris matches perfect to the yellow one. Do you have them together? I have also a yellow one but it is nameless. Perhaps a "seagull" too ;-) !!

  9. Dear Lisa,
    Seagull is a beautiful Iris!
    I have the yellow Iris that my great grandmother grew! My iris have been lovely this year too. It has been a cool, wet May. Perfect for all sorts of flowers.
    The humidity is starting to build.
    Looks as if we are in for a sticky weekend!
    Hope you are comfortable out in your gardens.

  10. I have that same yellow Japanese iris, Lisa and it sure does go crazy, doesn't it? Mine has spread so much that I need to divide it and give some to Kara. It's amazing that after three short years of gardening, I am now sharing plants with my daughter, as my mom did with me.


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