Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Water Garden

This is the new Water Garden. It is tiny on anyones scale but it is beginning to bloom and I am quite happy about this. I bought pre-planted water plants in a handy dandy basket. I had never seen this done before and it gave me the desire to try a small water garden. So far it is doing great.

Of course I bought the larger basket of the ones available. I kinda wish I had bought a smaller one but there were more plants in the larger basket of course and I loved the way they looked all packed in there together. When I got home I found that the basket was almost too large for the container I had already purchased. I found this container early in the season. I had originally envisioned just putting a couple of water plants in this container but when I saw this one all potted up well, common sense went out the window and greed overtook me.

I am not sure what all the plants are in this basket. The big red canna is a given. There appears to be a Cardinal flower. There is a plant that looks like a small papyrus. After that I am not sure what they all are. There is a varigated grass of some sort it is actually sending up a bloom which is a small cluster of lavender flowers. Then there is a big green thing and another varigated bit of foilage. What ever they are I liked the combination and here they sit in the garden.I wondered if there would be enough light for blooms but it looks as if there will be. The canna is already putting up a bloom and there are other buds. I just love this red orange color in the garden. This is the bloom from the varigated grass. Do any of you know what this might be? If I lived closer to the nursery where I bought it I would go there and get the scoop about all the plants. The day I bought it we were traveling and I barely had time to stop. So here I am with mystery plants once again.


  1. I think it's beautiful Lisa! I like that there is so much variety there, and can't wait to see it as it grows out.

  2. This is a beautiful arrangement, Lisa. I don't blame you for buying it pre-planted.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys "big green things" and "variegated foliage." LOL

  3. That's a cool, easy way of having a water garden. Great idea.

  4. Hi lovely to see Cannas, they do not do well in my garden. I have given up on them. I agree they are such rich, bright blooms, that they make summer seem richer somehow.
    Lovely container, in full bloom, I am sure, it will look stunning.

  5. Lisa, I think it's a fine water garden. I love the look of all the different plants together. Such a difference of texture and colors.

  6. Hey Lisa, we have water plants at our garden center... but I admit that I haven't checked them out much other than to see that we have preplanted baskets like yours as well as some single plants. Any way you can email me (blackswampgirlATyahooDOTcom) the full-sized picture you took? If I could see them closely, I could probably get an ID on them for you at work tomorrow...

  7. I'm so glad I've never noticed those preplanted baskets of water plants too, or poor DH would have another project on top of the 4 major ones we're already working on. It is quite delightful & looks great in that fantastic container.

  8. Hi Lisa,
    The water garden AND the container you chose are lovely. Love the canna of course because they remind me of all things tropical... I haven't taken the plunge to plant any here yet... trying to hold off on any more projects for this season but I have them on my "things to get in the future" list. I want the variegated striped leaves.

    I tried to enlarge your photo and it didn't cooperate --- I was thinking I may just be able to help with ID if they are plants from my neck of the woods.

    Is it possible the purple bloom could be society garlic? Looks very much like it in the photo.

    I planted cardinal flower (a first for me) from bare root plants in March and am nursing the greenery along... not sure if they will make it here... still have my fingers crossed.

  9. The water feature you've added to your garden is great -- and that bright orange bloom: Wow!

  10. Dear Lisa,
    This is very pretty.
    Great idea too.

  11. Love your new water garden. Great container and I did spy the gazing globe in the background. Gotta love'em!

  12. Lovely plants lisa. I've been thinking about a small water garden too, but smaller then yours with just 2-3 plants. Anyway the "variegated grass" is not a grass, it is variegated Tulbaghia violacea also known as society garlic.


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