Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bumble Bees

In a blanket of sun
bumble bees while they be wed
did make me blush

My shadow drew near

they squirmed with discomfort

on their bed of rock


  1. *grin* Wonderful pictures, and even better haiku!

  2. Lisa, I, too, smiled at the bees' activity. Wonderful haiku.

  3. Oh my a miracle moment here too!
    I find Nature just so facinating!
    I captured two butterflies in this union..last summer..I should post it one day..I thought all would blush but it's only natural right!
    Great photo opportunity Lisa!

  4. I don't believe I've ever seen bees doing the wild thing. Wow! I imagine hearing David Attenborough's voice in the background telling us all about the wonders of bee-mating, etc.
    Ah Nature! :-) Well done, Lisa!

  5. Hi again Lisa, wonderful capture!! Have a great weekend :-D

  6. What a wonderful photo Lisa! The sharpness is magnificent, even if you were blushing. :c)

  7. Great haiku, Lisa. And what a photo op! I have to admit I'm so naive I wasn't sure what they were doing until I read all the comments:)

  8. I am glad you all like my haiku. I have had the worst time trying to get a picture of a bumble bee on my flowers. They seem to be so fast in and out of the blossoms. This day I caught them, errrr, otherwise occupied and got their photo.

  9. I think they were squirming in delight! :) Nature at its' best.

  10. Lisa, lovely and remarkable as usual.

    You may like to see the pheasant and her chick on my blog, not up to your standard of photography but rather cute.

  11. Great macro -- and I like the haiku too.

    From a practical point of view, I find that the only time some insects hold still enough or me to photograph is during mating.

  12. Geez, you have seen and captured something that I have never seen or even thought about.

    Lovely verse also.

    BTW-HAW means Happy Animal Wednesday :)

  13. I was blushing when I came in. I have never been seen bees "in the act" either.

    But, I have to honest. It is a miracle in action. They were just oblivious to the camera action. Great haiku... Kayce

  14. Beautiful bee post....and doing what come it Lisa.

  15. You choose the right moment to take the picture. Very good snapshot!

  16. Great pictures, Lisa! I caught mating mantises last year and watched out of curiosity to see if she would take off his head afterwards. She didn't. I find all aspects of nature fascinating, even the mating. I've seen the birds do it but never the bees. Thanks for the education!

  17. Dear Lisa,
    Wonderful to know the Bumbles are mating in your gardens.
    Soon you will have bumble babies....ahhh
    the birds and the bees...
    thank you for the fun haiku too.

  18. haiku's are the best and you did such a wonderful job with this one . . . goes perfectly with the photos! BRAVO

  19. simple yet complex

    photographs from your garden

    sometimes make my day!


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