Monday, June 23, 2008

Wren Haven

Another good name for our place would have been Wren Haven. The House and Carolina Wrens do like our garden. Our garden is only approximately 100'x175'. We have three wren nests in our garden as I type. I had been wondering where the CArolina Wrens had nested in the neighborhood for their first brood. I found their second brood when I went to get some potting soil out of the barn. In this chicken coop on the lower right side is where the Carolina Wren has built its nest. This is what it looks like. She sometimes sits in that hole and looks at me when I peek into the box to see if there are any young ones up by the opening so I can take a picture. I haven't seen any bodies other than the Mom so far. This nest is toward the south end of our lot.

On the west side of our lot there is a Howese Wren that is nesting in this box. They never give me a chance to take their picture. She stays inside while he sings his displeasure at me getting so close to their nest.

Across the garden on the east side is where a second House Wren family has taken up residence in this nice ceramic bird house. They have only successfully nested in this one other time. I don't know if it holds moisture or what the problem might be with it but we will keep an eye on this one.

I peeked inside to see if this was a dummy nest or if it was actually being used and sure enough there were 4 eggs in there. They often lay 3-5 eggs. It looks like they will have a nice size family soon.

Sorry about the quality of this picture but I didn't want to take too much time away from the wren sitting on her eggs or prevent her from laying one more if she needed to. Auto wasn't wanting to focus on what I was interested in. You can get the idea though.
Trying to get a picture of the adults is another matter. I haven't been able to get their picture to show you. They are so small and so "busy" they just don't stand still for a portrait.


  1. Lisa, I love my house wrens. I have one which has built a nest over the same window for years. She and her mate are amazing.~~Dee

  2. There is a lot of nesting activity going on in your garden. My garden must still be missing a key element to attract nesting birds. None of them have chosen to nest here.
    I love to watch wrens and I miss seeing them. I hope they'll find there way here one day.

  3. Lisa, I'm always so impressed with your knowledge of birds. To know the difference between those wrens... So glad you have 3 nest and will be able to watch them hatch and grow. I like the jug-birdhouse, so cute! BTW, what did they say about the Egrets when you called in the sighting?

  4. Wrens are lovely birds....we had a brood fledge and it was wonderful to see them around the garden. I never managed to get a photo either. I find birds really difficult, they are always on the move and hiding amongst the bushes.
    When I get a shot its usually blurry.
    Its great you have so many sites being used....hope you have plenty of insects in your garden, there will be many mouths to feed!!!

  5. Such cute photos. Maybe I am seeing it wrong but my wrens always make a nst of sticks-yours looks like grass. Do Carolina wrens use grass? We don't have any of those here.
    Birds give us such pleasure.

  6. Lisa, You're going to have to rename your garden the Wren Inn! Love that blue pot; I think that Momma Wren has good taste:)

  7. Hi Dee, Wrens are one of my favorite birds. I think part of it is becasue they are so gregarious.

    Robin, be patient. Your garden is new and as you have reported more and more birds are finding your haven. Just plant lots of bushes and vines. Birds like and need hiding places as well as nesting places. They will find their way to your garden.

    Hi Beckie, emails were sent regarding the Egrets. We probably won't hear anything soon. I will let you know if I get a response.

    Cheryl aren't wrens fun to watch?? Your photo of the wagtail was not so bad. I would just flip if one showed up in our garden. There aren't any supposed to be anyplace near us. We have lots and lots of bugs in the garden. With the first brood they brought moths and crane flies to their brood. I am sure there are plenty more around.

    Teri, our Carolina wrens use lots of grass, leaves and some dog hair. They used to use lots of pine needles but our pines have died or fallen as you know. They have plenty of other debris to use.

    I fully agree Rose, Momma wren has good taste.

  8. Lisa - I love your wren pictures. How cool that you have so many nests. I really like that pottery house - it's very unusual. How do you tell the House wrens from the Carolina wrens? Is it the white stripe on their face? We had Carolina wrens last year and I think that's what I posted pictures of a few days ago, too. I just posted a painted bunting photo -- he came to eat while we were eating dinner and watching the birds.

  9. I love the song of the wrens. They are such busy little birds. The Momma here always has a worm in her mouth for her babies. She's a good Mom!

  10. Hi there Lisa :-)

    What a treat to have so many places that the wrens will nest in your garden. It is great that once they find a good nesting place that they will return. I love the unusual places your wrens have chosen to nest :-D

    Looking forward to reading many more posts about their progress. Oh yes... and seeing as many photos as you can capture. I love to hear of gardens with nesting birds :-D

    Enjoy the rest of your week

  11. I love the little wrens. I love the way they strut with their little tails in the air and the song that they sing is so cheerful. :c)

  12. Oh, how fun! I love the wren nests, Lisa--how lucky you are to see them out and about, nesting in your garden. :)

  13. Obviously, the wrens like your garden. Good for them and you.

  14. Hi Lisa: I like all your wren houses... and how wonderful you have so much "family" activity to observe.

    We have loads of carolina wrens but they must nest high in the trees... although I have seen a couple of nests in lower bushes. They are so active and make wonderful songsters too... singing so many different songs to enjoy...and even that cute little rattling sound they make is fascinating!
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel


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