Monday, July 14, 2008

The Babies

This little house is home to a family of House Wrens. I have stood out here. I have sat on the bench right beside the house. I have failed to get a picture of one of the adults coming or going from the nest. They are such wiley little creatures.
They started out with six eggs.
It wasn't long and they were hatched and all were hoping for a constant stream of food. They have gotten a good diet obviously. It won't be long and they will be out of the nest. It appears that only five survived. Unless of course there is one a bit smaller at the bottom of the pile.
This nest is the home to some Carolina Wrens. I don't dare get too close to this nest as they should be fledging before the House Wrens because their eggs were laid before the House Wrens.
The Northern Cardinal babies have fledged. There are Chipping Sparrow babies in the garden now too. I have tried to track them down to no avail. Every time I get close to them the House Wrens and Carolina Wrens come to the aid of the Chippers. They all scold me. So unless some hapless junior stumbles out of the bushes I guess I won't have any other pictures.


  1. Precious photos Lisa! Your wren house is very cute :-} and those little baby Carolina wrens are just adorable! The Chipping Sparrows have been very successful with their nestings and our garden is just filled with hungry little babies :-} And to our surprise Mourning Dove has settled back into her nest for a 3rd time after 2 very successful nestings!!

  2. The pictures of the baby birds are amazing, Lisa. I kept hoping to find the cardinals' nest here, but they hid it very well. Everytime I went to work on a flowerbed near some shrubbery, they sent up a racket, so I know the nest had to be there somewhere.

  3. Great photos of the nestlings!

    Love the blue crock bird house. Did you make it yourself? Very unique.

  4. Great pictures, and I know just how hard they are to capture!

    I once spent an afternoon sitting beside the chickadee house, trying to get a good shot. I felt like I needed some sort of motion trigger to be quick on the draw!

  5. Lisa, Lisa, For me just knowing they are in your garden and that you care about them is enough. Lovely photographs.....enjoy them and know you have a lady in England sitting at her laptop smiling........

  6. Lovely pictures! I love the hair cuts of the house wren babies :-) I laught at the thought of all the birds nagging at you. Those little cheeky birds :-)
    Thanks for showing their progress.

  7. Isn't nature just grand!!! Great photos.

  8. What great photos. Isn't it amazing how the parents will fearlessly swoop and dive at curious humans who are trying to get pictures of their babies? :)

  9. Great update shots Lisa, hope you can get some shots to post.

  10. Good to see that you all have stopped by and left a comment. These little cuties are fun to watch.

    Marnie, I did not make the wren nest. I bought it at a feastival of potters.

    Mike, If I had a camera like yours I might be able to get a shot. I just have a point and shoot which means I have to get pretty close and the parents don't like this.

  11. That is a great montage of bird shots. I like your blue house also.

  12. Wow, Lisa... it has been years since I have seen baby birds in the nest. We have huge trees and all the birds live up there!

    Maybe if I put a few good looking condos like you have they can be closer to my viewing height!


  13. Lovely, lovely photos, as usual.

  14. Lisa, what fun, such lovely pics you took of the baby wrens from egg to fledgeling. Wish I could do the same with my wrens but no luck so far. I had a nest in my hedge, you see, but was too afraid to disturb it. So I never saw the babies but I heard them plenty as they make a lot of noise for such small birds.

    Perhaps you will get lucky one of these days and stumble upon a baby wren in the garden with your camera in hand.

    BTW love that wren house, too cute for words!

  15. Those babies are so adorable Lisa! Great photos of them in the nest. :c)

  16. Dear Lisa,
    Your baby birds are darling!
    I never seem to "find" nests. I can hear the little ones and I can see parents comeing and going!
    Great pictures!

  17. Loved the photos of the baby wrens. Great to be able to see there progress.

  18. How precious Lisa! What a nice bird house those little wrens have.

    I had my first encounter with house wrens last month. For a couple of weeks while gardening for a client, I was scolded by a pair nesting in one of the birdhouses. I was surprised how much attention they were attracting to the babies with all their divebombing and scolding. I wouldn't have known the babies were there if the parents hadn't made it so obvious. I tried to reassure them I wouldn't hurt their babies, but they were having none of it!


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