Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July 2008

This morning when I went out to get some photos for GBBD I was greeted by this Datura that still had plenty of blooms open. This is one of the prettiest white flowers in my garden. I just wish it bloomed all day as well as at night. I love the tips of the bloom that swirl into a point. I always wonder if the garden fairies were swinging by the tippy tips of the bloom and caused this. My garden has quite a few things blooming at this time. This Veronica 'Eveline' is always such a treat. It doesn't mind a drought and keeps on blooming. The liatrus and rudebeckia are blooming. The Rudebeckia seems to be a little slow to go this year. Maybe it doesn't like all the rain it has been getting. Everything else is happy about all the rain and cooler weather.
I have two tall phloxes blooming now. This one is the handsome 'Robert Poore'. He is as fragrant as David and grows taller. He stands as sentinel by the garden gate welcoming everyone with his perfume. This guy's perfume is so strong that I have had to take a bouquet out of the guest room when a guest said it was too overwhelming. Outside I can't get enough of it.While David is is used to hanging out with the Queen, he is quite the rogue as he doesn't mind keeping company with the common Cleome. He is outlasting the Queen with his blooms too.
This frothy bloom is on a Sorbaria 'False Spirea'. It is supposed to attract lots of bees. I have it planted in dense shade so the bees don't venture here often. However the bright white of the bloom is appreciated here.
This blue snowball is on a Niko Blue Hydrangea. The blooms are all at the bottom of the plant but at least it is blooming. You cans see that the hostas by it are blooming. I could do a whole post on hosta blooms.
I have a couple of vines blooming. The Late blooming Dutch Honeysuckle is going through its second bloom period. It is so pretty right now since it has these shiny red berries that the Robins, Cardinals and other seed/fruit eaters like plus the blooms that the hummingbirds and bees work on. This yellow trumpet vine is just as vigorous as the native orange trumpet vine. The hummingbirds like it as well as any vine too. We have a resident hummer that sits amongst the blooms most of the day protecting these blooms like it would the nectar feeder we have out for them.
This is the first time that I have had a Cardinal plant live long enough to bloom. It is one of the plants that was in the water garden that I got going this summer. I wish I could get a whole stand of them going at once. They are the deepest darkest most lovely shade of red to me.
I hope you have enjoyed my smattering of blooms this GBBD. Be sure to head over to Carol's at May Dreams Garden to see a long list of other gardens with blooms you can peruse.

I am off to Chicago on a buying trip with my boss. So I probably won't be able to post again until next week. I am looking forward to the trip because we are taking the Amtrak train into Chicago. I have never ridden on a train. I am thinking of this as a great adventure.


  1. Oh, Lisa, I just love Datura. I had some seeds given to me, but it was when my Mom was sick, and I lost them. Someday, I will get more. It is just beautiful. I have a bright pink phlox like that, but mine is an unknown. Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

  2. Hi Lisa....Your blooms are beautiful and the whites especially. I love the honeysuckle shot with the berries as well...beautiful.

    Have a wonderful train journey.....I love trains. We went to the windy city around ten years ago now....I thoroughly enjoyed it....

    Safe travelling, enjoy.....

  3. I can send you some seeds of Datura Dee. I would be happy to do so. They are such a fun addition to the garden.

    Thank you Cheryl. I hope to like my train journey. I have been to the Windy City several times, just not by train.

  4. Your garden is beautiful Lisa. Have a great time in Chicago. We'll be here when you get back! :c)

  5. Wonderful post for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Lisa. Enjoy your trip to Chicago. I love the train ~ have a safe journey.

  6. Your hydrangea photo could have come from my garden--my blooms are at the bottom, too, and the hostas nearby are blooming as well:)
    Hummingbirds are scarce here this summer; maybe I'll have to plant a trumpet vine. I do like your yellow one much better than the usual orange.
    Hope you have a great trip; I haven't ridden the train in years!

  7. I just LOVE walking through your garden!! Such beauty!!

  8. All that rain did your Lobelia a lot of good. It is a stunning plant. I can't grow it because it would crisp out. I've seen Phlox 'Robert Poore' in a friend's garden, and you haven't exaggerated it's charms, but you failed to mention that it's also mildew resistant. It's too bad that you couldn't be here in Chicagoland last week, when the weather was perfect. You're just in time for heat & humidity. Pack lots of silk & linen.

  9. Beautiful flowers as ever. I'm sure the garden fairies have shaped the datura. It is gorgeous.
    Have a nice ride on train!

  10. Lisa wonderful blossoms in your garden! The Datura is my favorite.I don't grow that plant but when I see them I am impressed! I do agree the fairies were buy in your garden!
    Wishing a lovely day in your garden.
    hugs NG

  11. Your blooms are wonderful, Lisa! The Datura is especially pretty. I have a couple of purples - very pale, that a friend gave me. I just noticed the berries on my honeysuckle after seeing them on a wild bush. Mine is a new plant and I didn't realize it had berries. No second blooms here. How neat to see both flowers and berries.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy the train trip. They're fun. I've never been to the Windy City.

  12. Lovely blooms, Lisa. I hope you enjoy your trip.

  13. Lisa, thanks for joining in for bloom day again. My Rudbeckias don't look all that great either, maybe it is the rain?

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  14. Hope you enjoy your visit to Chicago, Lisa. I think you'll be impressed with our lovely city.

    Your July blooms are lovely. I just planted a cardinal flower as well and can't wait to see it bloom. I hear that hummingbirds like them.

  15. Beautiful garden photos as always.

    The datura is lovely. I need to try one but hesitate to take on something that needs digging and storing every year.

  16. Hi lisa, you have quite a bunch of beautiful blooms there. Your garden looks so green and lush.

  17. Lovely flowers...your phlox is lovely and I am glad to know another name to search out at the nurseries! I like the idea of him standing sentry and welcoming all with his sweet fragrance...which must indeed be something to have to be removed from the guest room!

    Belated happy bloom day, I can't figure out how I missed stopping by!


  18. The datura is a pure thing isn't it. HOpe you are enjoying your adventure. You will be missed but I hope there is some fun to be had!

  19. As always, I've loved my tour around your garden. Living so far north, it's always a treat to see the exotic and abundant blooms elsewhere. How fortunate to have a datura!! Oh I adore those plants -- I've seen so many photos but it's much too cold and such a short season as well to even attempt them up here. LOvely tour.

  20. That David... MEN, I tell ya! ;) Your blooms are all very pretty, but I especially like that datura. (Probably because I can't seem to grow any of the angel's trumpets to save my life, I admit!)

  21. Datura seems to be so beautiful. the rest of your blooms is also georgeous!

  22. Great photography!-If you liked Chicago, you'll love Boston!- especially our Public Garden near The Common.
    Thank you for sharing these, and for the visit.

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